5 Oral Sex Tips

In this episode of CosmoLive, sexpert Ericka Hart gives us top 5 oral sex tips. As you might already know, Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine, famous for the latest sex tips, celebrity news, dating, relationship help, and things of that nature.

Tip #1

You can practice oral sex on a female body using the palm of your hand. Some people like soft tongue, so you can lay your tongue soft against your palm and lick. While others like hard tongue better, in which case you point with your tongue and lick your palm. Basically what you are doing is experimenting with the pressure of your tongue, and the way you are licking. Just make sure you have washed your hands with soap first so that you are not licking off any bacteria. Note that it’s different for everyone, so you just have to ask the person what they like.

Tip #2

When it comes to oral sex on men, the shaft is definitely something to concentrate on, but the head of the penis is where most of the sensitive nerves are hidden. Be sure to focus on the head of the penis when you are giving head. There’s so much more you can do during a blowjob, which Ericka does not mention in this video. Some men like it when you gently cup their balls, while sucking. But, that calls for a whole new post, so for now let’s focus on Cosmopolitan’s advice.

Tip #3

One thing to include, that a lot of people tend to forget, is lube. Yes, saliva is great, but body-safe lubricants, that are preferably not purchased at the drug store (because those kinds mostly contain ingredients that are harmful and can cause infections), are way better. Just do your research and figure out which lube would work best for you; water-based, silicone… Ericka suggests getting lubes at Babeland, and you can also get them online at places such as adamandeve.com. To get the discount code for the online store, check out Dr. Doe giving tips on how to put a condom on an intact penis.

Tip #4

You do not have to swallow if you do not want to. It is totally up to you. What you can do is store the cum in your mouth and then rinse your mouth in the bathroom. Some people don’t like swallowing because they don’t like the taste, so for that you can brush your teeth or put some toothpaste on your tongue. You can also drink a little bit of flavored liquor afterwards, which is sure to take the taste away.

Tip #5

You might hurt your jaw when giving a blowjob, if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, the chances of your jaw locking are very slim, unless you have a TMJ disorder, or something like that. As you get more experienced with blowjobs, you’ll find positions that work better for your jaw. When asked of the best jaw-friendly positions, Ericka gives us a visual demonstration with a pencil and her hands, so check out the video below.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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