Anyone Can Make A Woman Squirt

Squirting may be looked at by many as a myth only seen in porn, but many women around the globe are quickly finding out just how untrue that common misconception is. Nearly every woman has the ability to squirt with the right stimulation, and all it takes is her partner’s learning about the proper stimulation. When it comes to how to make a woman squirt, every woman is going to be slightly different, but the right communication and openness to different techniques is really what will make all the difference. If a person has made one woman squirt in the past, that’s not a guarantee that they’ll have the same success with a new woman, so it’s best to create an open line of communication and to not give up!

For those wishing to learn how to make a woman squirt, there are a few important things that should be kept in mind, a few steps that one must take to ensure the best possible experience:

1. Make, and keep, her relaxed – Relaxation is truly key when it comes to how to make a woman squirt, and this is an atmosphere that should be created and embraced through all steps of the process. For women who have never squirted before, there may be some reservations or inhibitions that prevent her from really going all the way, and the only way she can allow herself to have a squirting orgasm is to let go and truly relax. Good verbal communication, creating the right physical atmosphere, and a providing bit of encouragement may be required to ensure she is feeling comfortable to undertake this new sexual experience.

2. Embrace foreplay – The buildup is always important to the main event, and this is no different when it comes to how to make a woman squirt. Spending at least 30-40 minutes on foreplay and mutual stimulation is a great way to create the anticipation necessary for an incredible squirting orgasm experience, and going for a bit longer than even that is never frowned upon! As she gets more aroused, her G spot will begin to swell, and this can make learning how to make a woman squirt much easier for the both of you.

3. Communicate through it – She will be able to feel what’s working and what’s not, and once you’ve located her G spot and have begun stimulating it in an effort to make her squirt, she’ll be able to let you know just what she likes. When it comes to communication, this is a huge factor in getting her to squirt. For women who may have never experienced this type of stimulation, this process can take some trial and error, and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen quite as you planned it the first time. One tried and tested method that works well for many women is for fingers to be placed inside of the vagina pointing up, then to massage the G spot using small circles or an upright “come hither” motion, and you’ll know if it’s working if you pay close attention to her physical and verbal cues.

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