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6 Unforgettably Electric Kissing Moves

YouTube’s famous sexpert and “the Headmistress of Pleasure”, as seen in Women’s Health Magazine, Layla Martin talks about 6 unforgettably electric kissing moves. Layla has studied sexuality at Stanford University as well as in Asia with Tantric masters, and has been featured on the Huffington Post, CBS, Playboy, etc.

First of all, let’s do a quick rundown of what not to do when locking lips with your partner.

  • Avoid kissing them too hard, too aggressively or too stiffly.
  • Do not shove your tongue down their throat, meaning, be moderate with your tongue use.
  • Too little tongue can also be annoying. Make sure you’ve had a mint beforehand, though.
  • A kiss that is too rushed takes sensuality out of the act, and kills the mood.

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, let’s get into the useful tips for electric kissing.

Tip #1 Make The Kiss The Destination

Instead of kissing being a means to an end, or a way of getting your partner into something more intense, let the kiss be the only thing happening. That way you are in the moment with it, and fully present.

Tip #2 Develop Lip and Tongue Sensitivity

If you bring total awareness to all the sensations on your lips and your tongue, you can really expand the sensitivity there. And, the more open and sensitive you are to the sensations, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Tip #3 Build a Rhythm

Notice a wave of energy that is starting to form between the two of you. Let your lips and your tongues move together in accordance with each other. Let them dance together in harmonious rhythm, as though your mouths are making love with one another.

Tip #4 Use Your Hands

Let your hands slide through your partner’s hair, over their neck, shoulders, back, wherever it feels natural. Let your hands be passionate, firm, and confident. Don’t let them flop around or meander. Really be as much in your hands as you are in your kiss.

Tip #5 Slow Down

Slowing down helps you and your partner drop into the moment. On top of sensitizing the kiss, it gives time for the chemistry and the emotion between you two to be built and felt.

Tip #6 Put on an Amazing Track

You can use music, either a track or a playlist, to put you in the right mood. If you learn to use music, you can actually make out to its rhythm, and go on a journey together that transports you through time and space.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How to Touch a Boob

In this episode of Sexplanations, Dr. Lindsey Doe talks about how to touch a boob, whether it’s you pleasuring yourself or pleasuring your partner.

Before we get into the dos and don’ts of breast-fondling, note that touching breasts stimulates the release of oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that facilitates pair-bonding. It decreases stress, pain, and depression, while increasing pleasure. According to the researchers at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, touching breasts can fight breast cancer. Neat, eh? Now that we have covered the benefits of breast-fondling, let’s get into how to do it like a pro.

First and foremost, ask for permission. Saying things like “Can I touch you here?”, “Can I touch your top?”, “Can I touch your tits?”. If the person says no, do not under any circumstances touch their breast, because consent is mandatory! If the person says yes, then proceed with clothes on first. Touching their breasts through a fabric of clothing is very sensual. You want to build up to it and go slow.

Now, if the clothes have already come off, make sure your hands are soft. If they are not, put on lotion or satin-like gloves. Come up from behind or the side, and move from the waist or neck sensually to the breasts. Going straight for the boobs might make the person feel like their chest is being honked. And, going too quickly might feel like you are clobbering them. Let me reiterate this important part to all foreplay – SLOW DOWN.

As you are exploring their breasts, move your hands around their breasts with light and deep strokes. Let your fingers delicately circle the areolae, spiraling closer and closer to the nipples. There’s also tugging, stretching, holding, patting, kneading, and tickling you can do, as long as you start gently to gauge how it feels for them.

If there’s more than one breast, treat them equally, unless they don’t want you to touch one of their boobs. Also, what they have enjoyed in the past might be something they might not like now. Some breasts change a lot as hormones fluctuate. One week it might feel pleasurable for them to hold their breasts firmly, while the next week it might be extremely painful. One solution to this is to learn the person’s cycle; another is to ask in the moment whether or not they like what you’re doing, and as the third option you can reset your approach each time you go to touch boobs.


  • Compliment their breasts while you’re touching them.
  • Try a variety of sensations, like feathers, ice, wax, oil, silk…
  • Give breasts focused attention.
  • Do breast bondage if everyone’s into it.
  • Suckle, kiss, lick, grope, nuzzle.
  • Do motorboat, if you feel like fooling around with them.
  • Titty-fuck, if it’s consensual, of course.


  • Don’t bite unless you are instructed to.
  • Don’t cover their boobs with whipped cream or sticky syrup of any kind unless you plan to thoroughly clean it all off.
  • Don’t touch their breasts so much that they become raw.
  • Don’t aggressively speed bag anyone’s boobs.

Trauma to the breasts from too much pressure on them can lead to fat necrosis, or scarring of the damaged tissue; so proceed with gentleness and mindfulness.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How To Spice Things Up and Keep Them Interested Until You Sleep Together

Michael Fiore and Cassidy Lyon of Digital Romance TV talk about how you can spice things up in your relationship and keep your partner interested in you until you sleep together. This might apply to those who do not wish to roll under the sheets on their first few dates, or those who are in a long-distance relationship.

For starters, let’s establish that mental stimulation has a lot to do with sex. So, what can you do to entice your partner and keep them interested in you? Dirty texting, teasing them with a skillful use of words. But, how do you really go about it? What are the things to write them to get their fire going?

Saying things like, “I can’t stop thinking about your…”, “I can’t wait to…”. Tell them the things you want to do to them and the things you want them to do to you. Be honest and open about your dirty thoughts. You don’t want to come off too intense, so make sure you ease into this slowly, and see how they respond. If they are engaging in your play, you can start amping it up a little.

You can also write little letters, e-mails, tease each other with photos or small videos. Snapchat is perfect for that. You want to build yourself up to it. It’s not really attractive for people when you throw yourself at them, unless you both are simply looking for a quick lay.

It’s about being coy to a certain degree… approaching this with innocent flirtatiousness and yet knowing what you are doing at all times. For tips and tricks on sexting, check out Adina Rivers’ video.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

Sensual Body Mapping Experience

Layla Martin and her partner Andrew Simpson talk about sensual body mapping. If you haven’t heard of the phrase before, sensual body mapping is a practice when you explore every single part of your partner’s and your own body. And, by every part, I mean every little detail, not missing a spot.

Step #1 Who Goes First?

First and foremost, decide who is going to go first. They say ladies first, but hey, we’re now living in the era where stereotypes are becoming the old history, so… Put on some sexy music, light scented candles. Briefly put, set the scene, creating a sensual atmosphere for your partner. Then, blindfold them with their consent of course. Blindfolding intensifies all the other senses, so it will allow your partner to drop into the experience, and really feel how it is to be touched by you.

The receiver is going to sit back against their partner’s chest, while their partner explores the top of their body. You can also have your partner lying down for the entirety of the sensual body mapping, if that sounds more comfortable for the both of you. The receiver is going to concentrate on breathing, relaxing and letting all the stress melt away, so that they can fully drop into the experience. You can also do this alone without a partner, in front of the mirror.

Step #2 Precision Is Sexy

Start at the very top of your partner’s head. Touch their scalp, their hair, forehead, cheeks, all the areas on the face. Make sure you don’t miss a spot. Then, move down to their neck, their collar bone. You want to be slow and methodical, paying close attention to their body and giving love to each and every part of them.

Step #3 Different Touches

Try different types of touches. Varying your touch can really turn your partner on. You can touch them with a feather, or your fingertips, your hands. Explore every part of your partner’s body and see what they enjoy the most. Some areas might need to be touched lightly, while others might need a firmer hold to get their fire going.

Step #4 Communicate

Openly communicate with your partner. Ask them if they like what you are doing, if it feels good, if you should try something else. As the receiver, let your partner know if it feels good for you, or if there’s something else you’d like them to try. Don’t feel shy about expressing what you like and asking for it. Ask, and you shall receive.

Step #5 Extend The Experience

This is a naughty part of exploring the inside areas. Start with exploring your partner’s mouth. You then might want to go to some racier areas, such as anus or vagina. Explore every orifice, but make sure you proceed slowly and heed your partner’s reactions.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

3 Unusual Foreplay Techniques

YouTube’s famous sexpert and “the Headmistress of Pleasure”, as seen in Women’s Health Magazine, Layla Martin shares 3 unusual foreplay techniques. Layla has studied sexuality at Stanford University as well as in Asia with Tantric masters. She has been featured on Huffington Post, CBS, Playboy, etc. If you’d like to know more about her, her books and courses, check out her website. And, now let’s talk about the foreplay warmups.

1. The Setup

You and your partner sit across from each other. Imagine you have a bubble around you. Face each other, and take turns tossing out everything that you don’t want. For example, you discard your stressful thoughts of the day, your expectations, your insecurities.

You pretty much strip yourself of the thoughts that do not serve you and hinder you from being truly present with your partner. You let go of the negative energy to create space for the positive to enter.

Afterwards, you call in what you do want. For example, you pull in the energy of passion and fire; you pull in the connectedness with your body; you pull in freedom and wildness.

2. Gratitude Love Eyegazing

This one is specifically good, if you have been struggling or have been distant from each other. It might sound cheesy at first, but give it a try, and you’ll see for yourself how it really helps you bond with your partner.

Look into each other’s eyes in silence for around one or two minutes. When you feel the time is right, start saying what you are grateful for about one another. Take turns, and then switch and say what you love about one another.

3. Soul Breathing

Find a comfortable position where your mouth is next to your partner’s ear. You can do this by having her sit on your lap or having her straddle you. Then, you are going to take slow, deep breaths together. Turn on some slow, sensual music, and breathe together for the duration of the track.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How to Make A Girl Sleep With You?

In this episode of Kamalifestyles Gabriella Ryan talks about how to make a girl sleep with you. Kama Life Styles teach the art of dating with their coaches, who are all fully trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. They have been featured on BBC, as well as numerous radio channels and magazines. Go to for more on them, but for now, let’s find out how we can seduce ladies.

When you want to sleep with a woman, make sure you don’t fall into her friend zone. You want her thinking about you even when you are not with her, and how can all of this be achieved? Gabriella gives us five tips to get her begging for you in your bed.

#1 Be clear but not obvious.

Some women find hit and run repulsive. You want to make her feel sexually attracted to you, but at the same time, you don’t want to be seen as the guy who is only after sex. Women don’t usually sleep on their first date, and that’s the way it should be unless you are just looking for a good lay and no deep connection with her whatsoever. Be your confident and charming self when around her, and make sure you don’t pressure her into having sex with you. Flirt with her and compliment her on her beauty, her talents, her intellect. Use both verbal and nonverbal flirt cues.

#2 Lose the script.

The reason you might not be getting laid is that you are using the same script, which is not working. You need to be more authentic, and let her see you… including your vulnerable side. Allow your conversations and actions to flow naturally. Go with her pace and let it be her decision when to sleep with you. Mental and emotional stimulation is necessary to get her juices flowing.

#3 Make it about her.

It’s sexy that you are wearing a good suit and a quality watch. But, unless you are looking for a gold digger, possessions are not what’s going to get her in bed. Have meaningful conversations with her. Genuinely listen to her. Make her feel comfortable and safe around you. When you listen to her more than you talk, you get to know about her fantasies, her likes, and preferences. The more you listen to her, the easier it’ll be for you to figure out which angle to use to get her waking up in your bed the next morning.

#4 Build trust and show vulnerability.

When you are too nice, you might get friend-zoned. And, if you are too cocky, the only person sleeping with you that night is going to be you and your hand perhaps. Women are emotional beings. Tell her a touching story that shows your vulnerable side. Talk about your passions, e.g., your goals of changing the world into a better place. But, of course, be sure to speak the truth, not fables. This will indicate that you trust her and enjoy conversing with her, causing her to open up to you.

#5 Use the power of seduction.

When you master the seduction techniques, you will always be the alpha male in the room. Play with the woman’s senses, such as lighting scented candles or having aromatic flowers in the room. Speaking of which, make sure you have showered and smell nice. It’s good to invest in colognes, since the smell on your skin can play a huge part in turning her on or off. Dim lighting creates a romantic atmosphere and reduces resistance because some women are more conscious about their bodies. Show her your confidence and dominance with your gentle touch, and help her get in a seduction mode.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How She Wants You To Handle Her Breasts

Have you ever wondered how your woman wants you to handle her breasts? There is nothing wrong in asking her how she likes it, but it’s good to do your research and learn the proper way of fondling her bosom.

In this episode of AskMen, Marlee Kostiner gives us several useful tips.

Cup them from behind.

Standing behind her and caressing her breasts can create a very sensual experience. You can start with massaging her shoulders, and then work your way down to her chest. Doing this in front of the mirror so that both of you can see each other can feel more exciting. Caressing your woman’s breasts releases chemicals, called oxytocin, in her brain, which enhances her mood. So, be sure to give her a good breast-massage during foreplays.

Use your lips and tongue.

Saliva creates natural lubrication, which can feel amazing on her nipples. The nipples are very sensitive, so if you are using your fingers too much, they might get irritated. It’s important to incorporate your mouth when giving love to her titties. Do not focus solely on her nipples, though, for too much licking might desensitize them. Lick around her nipples, kiss her breast. The top part of the breast, above the nipple, is proven to be the most sensitive part of the breast, so explore all of her bosom, not just her nipples.

Get her wet.

A shower is a great place for foreplay. Hot water will make her breasts even more sensitive to your touch. You can gently lather her body with soap while caressing. Just make sure you are gentle, and your movements feel natural. And, take your time.

Rub above her bra.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until her bra is off to start fondling her breasts. It can feel pleasurable for her to rub above the material. This, however, should not last long. If you keep caressing her bosom over her bra, it might start to feel uncomfortable for her. Start with playing with the fabric, maybe sliding your fingers inside if her bra is stretchable, teasing her, and then when the time feels right, set her free from it.


You have to proceed with caution when it comes to motorboating. This creates more of a comedic moment than a sensual one. So, if you are at the beginning of the relationship, try to postpone it for a later time. If you two have the same sense of humor, it might be a fun thing to do during foreplay. The sensation might be ticklish for her, and being tickled naturally leads to arousal. If you two are playing around and being silly, then motorboating would make for a fun experience.

Be gentle and rough.

Women appreciate tenderness, especially when it comes to her breasts. Alternating between gentle and rough strokes is good. If you want to grope her, make sure you build up to it. Start with gentle caresses, then grip her tighter and see if she responds positively to your touches. The key to all foreplay and sex is to pay attention to your partner’s reactions, verbal cues, and body language. Some women like gentleness throughout the play, while others like it a bit rough. So, touch your woman the way she likes to be touched.

Tease her.

A lot of women’s arousal is a mental game, so teasing her is sure to set the mood. Touching her breasts lightly with a feather or ice cubes can feel very arousing. Also barely touching her with your hands, lightly grazing her nipples is sure to turn her on and create good sexual tension.

Tug gently on her nipples.

No poking or twisting the nipples. They are extremely sensitive, so you have to be very careful when handling those babies. Gentle tugging, especially with your mouth over them, can feel very nice. Again, pay attention to how she is reacting to whatever you are doing. But, don’t overthink it. Enjoy giving her love. The more you get off on her pleasure, the more she will relax and open up for you.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

SEXTING! How To Do It Right ♥

Let’s get a little cerebral in here, and talk about sexting. As Adina Rivers likes to call it – a foreplay before the actual foreplay. A little recap on Adina; she is the founder of MyTinySecrets – a renowned channel on YouTube that gives advice on sex, love and life. She has almost one million subscribers, so clearly her content is highly appreciated and sought after. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to the guide for naughty texts.

As you might already know, the brain is our largest erogenous zone. When you can mentally connect with your partner and turn them on from a distance, all that buildup and anticipation is going to make your sex mind-blowing once you two get under the sheets. The sexting itself can be very tantalizing if done correctly. Some like to masturbate in the process, while others simply enjoy the mental stimulation. Do whatever floats your boat. Just make sure you both are into it and getting the best out of the experience.

Start out slow.

The first tip Adina gives is to start out slow and be subtle. Don’t go straight into telling them that you want to fuck them. It does not sound appealing. Write things like “I can’t stop thinking about you. I would so love to feel your soft lips now on mine”. This gives them a hint that you are all hot and bothered, and if they reciprocate, follow up with something juicier.

Be a little bit of a tease.

Writing them things like “If only you could see what I am wearing now… it’s like a breath of nothing.” Get creative with your texts, and let your feelings take a form of words. Speak your truth and don’t get cheesy with it. Try to create some mystery. Your lover should have to use imagination to fill in some blanks.

Trigger sensual memories.

Reminding them of your sexy memories together is a good way to arouse them.

Give plenty of feedback.

Whether you like something your partner is saying or you don’t, tell them. Positive reinforcement can be just the encouragement your sexting partner needs to keep it coming.

Do a sext strip-tease.

Instead of full-on crotch shots, send them something visually suggestive. Before you send them anything, though, make sure you completely trust that person. If you do decide to send them a naked picture, the best is to not include your face. You don’t want to be one of those scary stories about leaked photos.

Don’t sext too soon.

You make yourself more mysterious and interesting, if you give your partner something to look forward to. If you are too horny, tame it down a little. You can talk naughty and flirty, but don’t get too dirty too soon. Some say don’t sext if you’ve never sexed. There might be some exceptions, but it’s important to be cautious who you share your thoughts and pictures with.

Learn how to write a sext.

Do not use emojis. If you want to sound like a sexually developed grownup, talk the talk. Keep it real. Do not say something you don’t plan to do in real life. Always stay true to your heart, body, and feelings.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

Pussy Massage 101 – For exquisite pleasure and healing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to give your woman a pussy massage? This practice helps ladies heal from traumas and negative sexual beliefs that might stem all the way from childhood and be buried deep in their subconscious mind. If done correctly, it brings them to the blissful state they have never experienced before. Is she lucky to have a partner like you? Then, keep on reading.

First and foremost, create a pleasant environment in the bedroom or wherever you decide to sweep her off her feet. Light some candles, scented or not, burn some incense, turn on some music. This not only provides a romantic atmosphere but also it shows that you care deeply.

For this practice, put a towel or a blanket you can wash later on the bed as you are going to get her very wet. She might also ejaculate. Yes, women do ejaculate too; some call it squirting. To find out how you can get her to squirt, check out this post.

Put a pillow underneath her sacrum, and get comfortable yourself by sitting on a set of pillows or a chair if she is lying at the edge of the bed.

Set the space like a pro. You want to give this at least an hour. There is no pressure for her to finish and make sure she is aware of that. You want her to get completely relaxed for you, and let go of any tension and hurt. This can literally make her cry as the immense pleasure you give her prompts her to release negative energies.

Start slow and warm her up. A pro-tip is to go twice as slow as you think you should. You can start my caressing her head and stroking gently all the way down to her privates.

Massage around her vulva, on her inner thighs, over her groin to her hips. Then get your hands well lubricated and massage over her vulva. Check out the video below for a visual demonstration. Do this for around 10 minutes before you insert your fingers into her vagina.

First, make sure she is ready for penetration. You can tell this by how wet she is and if her vagina is pulsing for your fingertips as you lean them against it. With your other hand, do circular strokes over her clitoris if she enjoys it.

Pay attention to her reactions. You can also ask her if you can put your fingers inside her. If it’s a no, you can go back to stroking her entire body, massaging over her vulva. If it’s a yes, slowly slide your fingers inside.

You are going to bring your fingers in and out very slowly. And, with your other hand you are continuing to gently stroke her clitoris and vulva.

Pussy Shiatsu

Next, you can move into a healing experience. The beginner’s technique of this is done with her G-spot. Stroke gently with circular movements, all the while encouraging her to breathe and release. This might spur a healing experience, and you want to encourage her step by step to feel, to express, and to sound. She might climax. But, remember you are never pushing her toward orgasm.

The magic key to this whole massage is that you are fully present with her, moment to moment, no matter what she experiences. You are not pressuring her. You are not expecting anything out of her. Afterwards, you can cuddle her or let her lie in silence, whatever her preference is. Once she is ready to integrate, let her talk about what she has experienced, and if it feels natural for both of you, move into lovemaking.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

Foreplay for Exquisitely Sensitive Sexual Experiences

Do you get home exhausted from work? Drained? Feeling numb and completely turned off? Well, worry not. We’ve got you covered. Layla Martin, one of the renowned sexperts of YouTube, talks foreplay for sensitive sexual experiences. How can we support our partner when the stress of the daily grind takes their mind off your sex life? The trick is to master foreplay – a gateway to the unity of souls.

In this episode, Layla talks about the type of foreplay that is not about pushing us toward sex. It’s about inviting your partner to awaken their five senses, and if lovemaking follows, by all means, enjoy it. Rest assured sex is amazing when you invest this much time in a foreplay. Remove the intention of sex, and take your time. Savor each second of being with your partner, each second of giving them love, and each second of them receiving your love.

First and foremost, make your space sensually beautiful. For this, you will need to get:

  • the right lighting
  • the right scents
  • the right music
  • something soft for your partner to lie on.

Have your partner either wear a blindfold or close their eyes, and offer them a total sensual activation. What this means is that you are inviting them to experience each of their five senses in a heightened state of awareness.

Sensual Touch

Start with slow, sensual strokes across their body. You can use tools like feathers or fake furs to gently slide over their skin.

Exotic Scents

Put different essential oils on your body and let your partner smell your neck, your wrist, etc.

Exquisite Taste

Tease them with a delicious assortment of fruits, sweets, whatever your partner loves, and then gently kiss them on the lips.

Electric Sounds

Turn on relaxing music. You can also whisper into their ear, let them know what you love about them, things that you find beautiful, things that you are grateful for, etc.

Sublime Sight

As the last step, remove the blindfold if you used it, or let them open their eyes. At this point you can move in to lovemaking, or the ritual may feel complete. Either way is totally fine. Let your heart take the lead.

You can prep your partner for this by texting them in advance, letting them know exactly what you are going to do to them when they get home. And, make sure you get all the items together:

  • a blindfold
  • delicious foods
  • incense or scented candles
  • essential oils
  • something tactile such as a feather to awaken their sense of touch.

May you have an epic sex, legendary love, and exquisitely sensitive foreplay!