5 Sensory Toys for Sex Play

In this episode of Lovehoney’s Bondage Gone Wild, Jess Wilde talks about 5 sensory toys for sex play. Nothing extreme, so don’t be intimidated. Some like to be restrained for sensory plays, but it’s not a necessity. Decide what you like, and make sure you communicate your preferences clearly to your partner, so that both of you are on the same page. Note that sensory toys can be used for bondage and vanilla sex, so no matter what tickles your fancy, you might find a good use of the items listed below.


Blindfolds are used as a sensory deprivation tool to enhance your partner’s other senses. For the purpose of this episode, let’s concentrate on the sense of touch. But, if you are interested in giving your partner a complete sensory stimulation, check out this post about an exquisite foreplay.

You can take sensory deprivation further by using earplugs, which would heighten the physical sensations even more. What do we do now that they are at our mercy? Go slow, be gentle, and if the restraints are involved, make sure you two have a safe word in place.

In order to increase the sensitivity of their skin, we have to bring the circulation to the surface. You can do this by caressing, scratching, rubbing, massaging. But, it’s fun to get out of the routine and include toys in your bedroom adventures.

Feather Tickler

If you are new at this kind of play, start with something small like a feather tickler. You can use it to tease and tickle your partner in a sensual manner.

Note that sensory plays give stimulation to the entirety of your partner’s body, instead of just focusing on their genitals. So, if you want to delve deeper into sex play with your partner, why not try it? Experiment and see how it feels for you and how it feels for them, and then talk about it.

Massage Candle

Don’t confuse massage candles with bondage candles, for the latter are designed to provide a little pain, while the former do not hurt. Massage candles melt into a pure warm massage oil. Once it’s melted, drizzle it over your partner’s skin, and you can even follow up with an actual massage!


These guys might look a bit intimidating, but don’t be put off by their appearance. You roll it over your partner’s skin with no pressure. Its little prickles gently dapple across the skin, which raises the circulation and creates a pleasant sensation. This is the perfect toy to use if the feather tickler is not really doing it for you. But, if you think it looks too scary for your partner, try the product called Cat Scratcher. This one looks like sharp talons, and can also make for a good costume accessory.


Yes, flogger is a type of whip, but don’t let this scare you away. You don’t have to use it as a whip only. Its versatility allows you to tickle your partner’s skin, stroke over their body, experiment with light flicks and taps, and if you feel ready to experiment with spanking, this item is perfect for that.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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