Can All Women Squirt When They Orgasm?

Squirting Orgasm

There’s a lot of mystery that surrounds squirting for both men and women. All too often, people believe that squirting is something left to adult films, and it’s not really something achievable in reality and a real-bedroom sex life. The truth couldn’t be further from this, and the truth of the matter is that when asking “Can all women squirt when the orgasm?” the answer is a resounding yes. While real-life squirting is going to be somewhat less dramatic than what you may have seen in adult films, it’s a very real thing and there’s science to back it up. 

It All Starts In The G Spot 

Women have two distinct separate orgasm centers – the clitoris and the G spot. The clitoris is where most orgasms come from, and located on the outside of the body, it’s the easier orgasm center to find. Many women believe that they can only orgasm from the clitoris, but this isn’t actually the case. The G spot is quite a bit more difficult to locate, being inside the body, but this is an erogenous zone well worth seeking out. 

When the clitoris is stimulated, a woman may experience a strong and satisfying orgasm, but it won’t be a squirting orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. When the G spot is stimulated, however, the orgasm is much different and many find it’s far more powerful. It’s from the G spot that a woman will experience those entire body quaking and earth shattering orgasms, those of which can come along with the potential to squirt. 

According to scientists, who believe they have finally got to the bottom of the female squirting orgasm, the fluid comes from the Skene Gland. Located by the urethra, the Skene Gland is thought to fill with fluid when the G spot is properly stimulated to climax, and it’s this fluid that is then released upon a G spot orgasm. This fluid release isn’t going to produce waves of ejaculate across the room, like what is often seen in adult films, but just a tablespoon or so of fluid that comes from the body with some force. 

Locating The G Spot 

In order to bring on a squirting orgasm, the G spot must first be located. If you have your partner lie on their back and insert a finger into the vagina with your palm up, you should be able to feel the G spot around 2 inches inside. It’s located on the anterior wall of the vagina, and it should feel a bit like a squishy or spongy area around the size and shape of a walnut. This region can be stroked or massaged, stimulated in varying speeds, and touched with different levels of friction – every woman will have different preferences when it comes to G spot stimulation. With open communication and a relaxing environment, any woman has the potential to have a sex life changing G spot orgasm. 

As she reaches closer and closer to climax, she might start to feel some pressure down there that resembles the urge to urinate. This could lead her to telling you to stop the stimulation, and it can pull her out of her orgasm space. It’s important to know that this is completely normal, and it’s actually a sign that there is a squirting orgasm on the horizon. Rather than holding back when this sensation occurs, she should be encouraged to release the pressure and go with the feeling, as it will release the fluid in the Skene Gland through the urethra and bring about a squirting orgasm. 

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