How to Put a Condom on an Intact Penis

In this episode of Sexplanations the clinical sexologist Lindsey Doe talks about how to put a condom on an intact penis.

Step #1

Make sure the condom isn’t all banged up, compromised, or expired. Check the package for holes or tears. Read the expiration date correctly, usually year first and then month. Keep it out of harm’s way until you are ready to use it.

You can get a nifty case where you can store your condoms, and put it inside your purse. Or, you can improvise a little, and make a case for condoms out of a cotton swamp container, for example. Do not put your condoms in your wallet or back pocket, where they can get smashed and damaged.

Step #2

Now that you are ready to use one, pull the condom out of the way and tear the package gently. You don’t want to break the condom while opening the package, or cause it to fall out. Once it’s open, carefully remove the condom. This is when we move onto the most challenging part. Which way does it roll?

Step #3

Don’t worry. We have all messed it up at one point. There’s a 50% chance of getting it wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing here. If the condom looks like a beanie, then you’re good. If the ring is flipped up inside, not good. Another way to make sure it’s correct is to test it on your thumb. DO NOT test it on your cock, because if you accidentally try to put it on from the wrong end, that condom will no longer be usable.

If it unrolls smoothly on your thumb, that’s the right way. If it catches and stretches, that’s the wrong way. Turn it over. If the condom is going on a penis, it’s important to leave room at the tip for the semen to pool. Hold the tip closed so that it does not fill with air as you slowly slide it down the phallus. Roll the condom halfway down, then grip the penis like you would for a hand job and slide upwards so that the foreskin moves back over the top. Make sure you roll the rest of the condom down.

All in all, practice different techniques and try various condoms to see which feels the best for you. You can get condoms from clinics, gas stations, grocery stores, but Dr. Doe recommends ordering them from And, that is because:

  1. They have a huge assortment of condoms: textured, flavored, colored, etc.
  2. They have sample packs so that you can find what’s best for you without committing to a whole box.
  3. They’re half the price, when you use the discount code provided in the video below.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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