Anal Sex Part 1: Preparation

This post begins a three video exploration into the wonders of anal play. The inaugural video in this series is an extremely informative explanation of how to prepare yourself and your partner for anal play.

There are two different types of anal play – inner and outer. If you are diving into the art of inner anal sexy time, you need a basic understanding of how the anus is composed. Inside the anus are two muscular rings called sphincters. The inner ring is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which also controls your breathing and heartbeat. It functions automatically and is usually tightly contracted unless it is loosening for a bowel movement. The outer ring is what you feel when you clench and unclench and is completely controlled by you.

So why are we as humans interested in inserting things into our anuses? Well, just like the genitals, the anus and surrounding area is packed with nerve endings making it extremely sensitive. The anus and gentials share a main nerve, the pudendal nerve to be exact, and can transfer sensations back and forth. The anus is also an easy access to both the male and female prostates. Stimulating the prostate gland from inside the anus can result in orgasm without any other stimulation. Another good thing about anal play is that it is gender and sexual orientation neutral – everyone has an anus! (Almost everyone, deeply sorry if you don’t).

So how does one prepare for beginning anal play? The first thing Dr. Doe recommends you do is to eat whole seeds and watch the toilet for them to reappear. This will help you get acquainted with your body. From this you can gauge how long it takes food to pass through your body. Monitoring the toilet regularly can help you assess the foods you eat in regards to smell and consistency of what you pass. If you are going to participate in anal play, you want this area to be fresh as a daisy.

Dr. Doe recommends running through this checklist before engaging in anal play:

  1. Hepatitis A and HPV vaccinations: Hepatitis is most commonly transmitted through fecal matter entering the mouth; HPV is the virus that initiates vaginal and anal cancers and can be transmitted through anal intercourse.
  2. STI testing results: Anal sex presents the highest risk of transmittal of HIV.
  3. Flushable baby wipes: Quick and easy solution to keeping your butthole fresh and clean on a regular basis.
  4. Invest in a 1 handed lube pump: This prevents contamination from the designated play hand.
  5. Gloves and condoms: Stay Safe! Anal play increases the risk of disease transmittal, so wrap up!
  6. Safe words: “Stop” is pretty self explanatory but it is always a good idea to communicate effectively when it comes to your pleasure.

When you have completed the check list, its time to explore. While cleaning yourself in the shower, feel it out. Get familiar with your situation. If you have longer nails, trim them down before experimenting with penetration. Remember to breathe and only continue as long as it is comfortable for you. Dr. Doe says any uncomfortable feelings should pass after 3 attempts, so attempt away!

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