How To Make Love To Your Wife In Bed

There are about a million different positions to try, but when it comes to how to make love to your wife in bed, you don’t have to keep it vanilla. There are plenty of bed-friendly sex positions you can try with your partner that will really rock your world and bring to light a whole host of new sensations and favorites. A few ways you can try making love to your wife in bed are:

  • Kneel on the bed while your wife sits on your lap facing you and with her legs wrapped around your lap. Use your arms to hold her close to you, and rock back and forth rather than thrusting. What this bed friendly position does is creates a whole lot of friction, including clitoral and G-spot friction, which is perfect for giving your wife multiple orgasms.
  • Sit on the bed with your legs out straight and leaning back on your arms, while your wife sits on your lap also leaning back on her arms, but with her legs bent at the knees. You can move in this position by either thrusting or rubbing, and creates the perfect angle for constant G-spot friction. If you’re trying to lead your wife to a squirting orgasm through penetrative sex, this bed position is the way to go.
  • Have your wife position herself on the bed on her hands and knees, and set yourself up to penetrate behind her. Rather than kneeling straight, kneel behind and lean over, wrapping your arms around her waist. This position creates a wonderful sense of intimacy, while also leaving your arms in a perfect position for clitoral stimulation or caressing her breasts.
  • Kneel straight in bed between her legs as she is lying on her back, and have her place her legs up on your shoulders. If able, she may even wrap them around your neck lightly to better allow you to lift her hips in position and control thrusting. This position not only allows ultra-deep penetration, but perfect G-spot stimulation as well.

If you’re wondering how to make love to your wife in bed, but still have an exciting and spicy night, there are plenty of options. While these are only a few you can try, we suggest getting creative and trying your own methods, which allows you to explore a possible whole new side of your lovemaking.

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