How To Give A Woman A G-Spot Squirting Orgasm

There are several different methods a couple can try if they want to master G spot squirting techniques, and what works with one woman may not do the trick for another. Because each woman is different, each will want to be stimulated just a bit differently, and this is something that should be kept in mind when building your G spot squirting techniques repertoire. A few different techniques that every person interested in female squirting orgasms should master are:

1. Circular motions – Many women find that doing small circular motions on their G spot with fingers works very well in achieving a squirting climax. With these small circular motions, the speed she finds best will vary, and it could even vary during the course of the act.

2. “Come hither” motion – Another G spot squirting technique that tends to work very well is the “come hither” motion. This is an easy one for both parties, as placing a hand in this position will often put you right over the G spot directly, but this can be a technique that can be a little intense. When doing the “come hither” motion with your index and middle finger over the G spot, make sure to welcome her to tell you if things are uncomfortable or if she would prefer the speed change.

3. The mix-up – If your partner likes both circular motions, and the “come hither” motion, you can also feel free to switch it up as her preferences allow. Sometimes, the “come hither” technique is better in the beginning, before the G spot begins to grow more sensitive, and the circular motions are best towards the climax, but this will vary with every woman. With open communication, this is a technique that can provide a mind-blowing experience.

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