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The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Some people just can’t figure this stuff out – so here are some tips on how to help her reach the female orgasm.

First of all, good vibes outside the bedroom equal good vibes inside the bedroom. If there is any stress or conflict in your relationship, that stuff is going to affect her ability to fully relax during sex. Communication is the hottest form of foreplay, use it regularly.

Take your time! Laci recommends paying attention to the entire body (nipples, back, thighs, neck) with a variety of sensations (touching, kissing, oral). Don’t think of everything that comes before penetrative sex as foreplay. Think of the whole experience as sex and be engaged in every part of it.

This is a given, but get to know the female anatomy! There’s this thing called the clit and it’s kind of a big deal. You can access it externally – it looks like a little button and it located at the top of the vagina.  You can also access it internally via the G-spot – 2 inches inside the vagina and push upwards with a “come here” motion. Don’t immediately go for this area though – slow it down and she will be more aroused by the time you get there.

Two words: Gentle and Lubricated. The external clitoris is extremely sensitive. So sensitive that you can actually hurt it if you work it too hard. Make sure you use a lubricant or saliva and use gentle motions (unless your partner tells you otherwise).

To reiterate, communication is key. Ask her what she likes; what feels good. Try some different sensations out and get her to rate them on a pleasure scale from 1 – 10. Keep the conversation going outside the bedroom about what worked, fantasies and what else you’d like to try together.

In porn what you will see a lot of the time is when the female is approaching orgasm, her male partner will speed up whatever action he is doing. This might work for some people, but for the majority, steady and consistent motion is required to achieve orgasm.

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Best Women’s Sex Toys (For Actual Sex)

Sex toys are a fun and simple way to add an element of excitement to your normal sexy-time routine. Whether you like to get kinky or keep things low key, there are sex toys to suit your needs. Sex toys aren’t just for masturbation anymore!

Increase the intimacy level between yourself and your significant other by using sex toys as a couple. This video displays 5 sex toys that have been deemed the best in terms of women’s pleasure that are usable during sex.

7 out of 10 women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. The butterfly vibrator allows you enjoy both penetration and clitoral stimulation hands free! This contraption looks daunting as there are a lot of straps and clips, but it is actually quite simple. Slip the straps over your legs and slide them to your groin. This keeps the vibey little butterfly in place while you get to it. The bullet inside vibrates directly on the clit while the vibrating wings stimulate the labia. It also comes with a wireless remote so either yourself or your partner can control the intensity.

Also for the purpose of extra stimulation is the finger vibrator. The inner bullet vibrates while the outer silicone ring slips easily onto the fingertip for precise stimulation control by you or your partner. Intended for both clit and nipple play.

WeVibe has been making sex toys for almost 10 years now and has perfected it’s mid-coital design. The U shape slides simultaneously inside the vagina and over the clitoris. The inner end pushes upwards against the G-spot and provides vibrations against the penis during penetration while the outer end provides clitoral stimulation. This little beauty also comes with a wireless remote for intensity control.

This video will also introduce you to the world of stimulating gels. Rub the Love Honey Bliss Balm onto the clit and surrounding areas to increase circulation to the area causing heightened sensitivity. There is also a gel intended for use inside the vagina which increases circulation and enlarges the vaginal walls and G-spot. The vagina will appear tighter during penetration and the G-spot will receive some extra and well-deserved attention.

Lastly, this video explores the glories of the butt plug. The butt plug stimulates erogenous zones surrounding the anus and the pudendal nerve. This is the main perineum nerve that is in charge of sensation in the genital and anal areas. A butt plug will also make the vagina feel tighter and guide the penis towards the G-spot during penetration. If the one she is holding seems formidable, there are smaller ones as well as freaking gigantic ones available to experiment with.

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SQUIRTING 101 | Introduction to Squirting Orgasms

Whether you are a newcomer to the squirting scene or a long time fan, this video is extremely informative. Laci Green simplifies squirting through anatomical explanations.

So..what the hell is it? Laci first points out that there is a difference between female ejaculation and squirting. Female ejaculation is the normal wetness that occurs before, during and after coitus and is usually only comprised of one or two teaspoons of fluid. Squirting is the sudden expulsion of A LOT more liquid; ranging somewhere between 1 – 8 cups of fluid.

Why does squirting happen and where is this fluid coming from? Here, Laci whips out a vagina she made out of playdough in grade 4 to explain the female anatomy. The clitoris, Laci explains, is the orgasm button at the top peeking out from it’s little hood. That little peek, however, is the only part of the clitoris we can see. It actually extends inside the body, wrapping itself around both the urethra and vagina. The place where all these glorious organs meet, is called the G-spot. The scientific community, who spent thousands on a fancy education and are now studying squirting, believe that it is the stimulation of the G-spot that initiates a squirting response. That is why G-spot stimulation feels good, but also a little bit like you have to pee.

You see, there are tiny squiggly things called Skene’s glands that surround the urethra. With enough stimulation, these glands can produce and expel liquid through two tiny openings on either side of the urethra. This fluid is somewhat like a mixture of male ejaculate and pee. A recent study showed that while the women being studied were being turned on, their bladders started filling up and post-squirt, et voila! They were empty!

Squirting is one of the most commonly searched terms on major porn sites. Laci has some ideas as to why squirting is so enticing. First of all, it feels good, and people like things that feel good! Secondly, its much more tangible than a clitoral orgasm. It is a visual confirmation that whatever you just did, you did a goooood job.

Let’s talk facts: Although it seems like some elusive mermaid, 40% of women admit to squirting at some point in their life. It is usually unexpected and a little bit surprising. But here’s the deal. Squirting is natural. Not being able to is natural. Not everyone can squirt. If you can’t do it, that is nothing to be ashamed of. If you squirt all the time, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone achieves orgasm and feels pleasure the same way. Laci recommends clear communication with your sexual partner(s) to ensure complete comfortability on this topic.

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What Is The G Spot?

The G spot can be a little bit of a mystery to most men, and in truth, some women, too. If you want to bring out a squirting orgasm, however, the G spot is something you should get acquainted with, and it’s actually not all that difficult to find. Basically, the G spot can be thought of as a prostate for a woman, and stimulating it will bring about the same reaction that prostate stimulation will bring to a man.

The G spot is a small area located about 2 to 3 inches inside of the vagina, right along the frontal vaginal wall. In order to find this region, the best way to go about it is to have your partner lay on her back with her legs spread far apart, and insert a finger or two inside of her with your palm up feeling with your fingertips pushing up towards her belly. The spot in question will feel slightly different than the rest of the inside of the vagina, and it may be ridged or grooved almost like the roof of your mouth. At about the size of a walnut, it may take a few passes to find it, but it will swell and grow firmer as she gets more and more aroused, making it significantly easier to locate.

Once it’s located, you’ll then be able to figure out how she likes to be stimulated to bring about a squirting orgasm. Stimulation of the G spot causes the Skene Gland, where female ejaculate is held, to fill up with this fluid, which will then release on orgasm letting out a rush of squirting fluid from the urethra. Unlike clitoral orgasms, G spot orgasms and squirting orgasms can often occur over and over again without much need for a break in between due to oversensitivity, so once you get the stimulation down you could be in for an exciting evening.

G spot stimulation is the secret to squirting orgasms, and since nearly all women have a G spot, nearly all women are capable of having these intense orgasms themselves. To teach your woman how to squirt, take some time to find the G spot and get yourself acquainted with how she likes it to be stimulated, and you’ll soon find that this sort of stimulation can be brought into all aspects and factions of your sexual lives.

Why You Should Care About the G-Spot


Why You Should Care About The G-Spot

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The most common was for a woman to achieve an orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. This is the easiest and sometimes the fastest way to ensure that a woman will orgasm. However, there is another way and that is a vaginal orgasm through her G spot. The G spot can be a little tricky to find as not all women have it in the same place and they are not all the same size. It is still important you take the time to locate it for the woman’s sake and for yours.

Many women experience a very deep and fairly long lasting orgasm through the G spot. It’s cited to be the most intense form. So if satisfying her is your goal this is the best way to achieve that. In the effort to do so, you have to make sex about her. Make sure she feels comfortable. If you’re not sure just how to find it ask her to shown or guide you. If she’s not familiar with her body to be able to explain it to you, ask her if she’s willing to allow you to use your fingers to search for it. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

The G spot can also lead to a woman experiencing female ejaculation. This occurrence is possible for every woman to achieve. However, not every woman will experience it. Female ejaculation occurs when the female prostate gland secretes a clear, watery fluid at heightened levels of pleasure and stimulation. This is similar to what happens when men ejaculate as the substance is found to have prostate specific antigen or PSA in it. However, female ejaculate does not contain sperm and it doesn’t always have to occur only when she orgasms.

There are many ways to stimulate and please a woman sexually. There should never be a point where mutual pleasure for each partner is not explored. The G spot is a perfect place to bring new life to a sexual relationship and to keep things interesting. It is not only a source of intense pleasure for the woman but it can also be a great way to boost your confidence in knowing how to navigate the female body. However, don’t be discouraged if an orgasm isn’t achieved through G spot stimulation. While it’s certainly possible to have a vaginal orgasm not all women have the same sensitivity in the G spot and some may require longer attention. So make sure you’re checking in with your partner or yourself and be mindful of the way the body is responding. In any case, make the experience about the journey instead of the destination.

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How To Rub A Woman’s G-Spot


How To Rub A Woman’s G-Spot

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One of the most intense orgasms a woman can experience is the vaginal orgasm. It’s brought on through stimulation of the G spot. This area is highly sensitive for most women and orgasms can last a fairly long time. It is also the most likely place she’ll be able to have multiple orgasms. Being able to artfully navigate the G spot is only difficult in the beginning stages as you search her body to find it but once you do stimulating the area is fairly simple and can be done in a variety of ways.

You’ll first want to use your fingers to locate the G spot. Make sure before you begin you’ve taken the time to allow her vagina to self lubricate through foreplay. If she isn’t sufficiently wet use lube, a natural oil like Olive oil, or your saliva. When she’s ready for penetration use one finger initially to slowly press inside of her vaginal canal. If she’s lying on her back, your palm should be facing up so that your finger can explore the upper vaginal wall. Slide your finger back and forth and in a circular motion until you find the patch of the wall that is unlike the rest of the vaginal canal. It should feel like there are ridges there and it should be a more pronounced patch of skin. Now focus your attention here. If she’s comfortable, you may want to insert another finger. Slowly begin to increase the pressure and continue to move your finger up and down and in circular motions over the area of the G spot.

If you’re still having trouble finding her G spot with your fingers, try using a toy specifically designed to find the area. Again, you’ll want to make sure the toy is lubricated and that she feels comfortable with its use. You’ll still want to use the same circular motions and slowly increase the pressure as you stimulate her.

Once you’ve got the hang of where her G spot is located it’ll be easier to use you penis to massage the area. Mix it up and use a combination of these methods. She may already know how to navigate you to her G spot so don’t feel shy about encouraging her to show you. If she’s not sure exploring her body is most of the fun. Be patient with the process.

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Best G Spot Stimulation Technique For Squirting Orgasm


Best G Spot Stimulation Technique For Squirting Orgasm

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Squirting has become one of the top discussed and controversial topics in sexual activities. While there is little research done to say anything decidedly about it, we do know that it can and does occur. All women possess the biological ability to squirt but not all of them can. It could be that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to lose her inhibitions or that the area known for producing intense, squirting orgasms isn’t very sensitive. In any case, it’ll be a lot of fun trying. So here are some tips to bring on the waterworks.

As stated earlier comfort is key. She’ll need to feel relaxed with you in order to feel confident in what her body is feeling and doing. Make sure she knows you’re comfortable with her body and be encouraging.

Take time to get her aroused. Don’t move straight for her vagina, get her ready with some foreplay. Pay some attention to her erogenous zones. This will not only help her get aroused but it will help her relax.

Lubricate! The vagina is a highly sensitive area. Make sure that she’s well lubricated before attempting to penetrate it. If she hasn’t naturally lubricated use some lube.

Once she’s ready insert one finger inside her. If she’s lying on her back, you’ll want to have your palm facing up. This top vaginal wall is where you will find her G spot. The G spot is a few inches from the vaginal opening and is about the size of a quarter. You’ll notice that it feels different from the skin around it. If she’s successfully aroused it will probably be swollen.

The G spot will require a firm pressure using a back and forth motion. Start out slow but firm. If she’s comfortable you may want to insert another finger.

As you get a rhythm going, increase the speed. It can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for a woman to orgasm this way so be patient. You can also use your thumb or other hand to stimulate her clit.

As stated before, you won’t get anywhere if the woman isn’t feeling comfortable so try to make sure you create an atmosphere she can relax in. Take you time and be patient with the process. Don’t get so caught up in the goal that you forget to enjoy yourself. If you’re not having fun it’s not likely she will either.

What Does The G Spot Feel Like?

The G Spot is a sensitive area inside of the vagina. When stimulated the G Spot can deliver an immense amount of pleasure to your partner. Finding the G Spot can be a bit tricky but if you know what it feels like, you can find it with a little help from your partner.

The G Spot is typically found about 2 inches inside of the vagina along the front of the upper vagina wall. The G Spot swells when your partner is stimulated, so the best time to feel for it is when you partner is sexually aroused. The best way to find the G Spot is with your sensitive fingertips that can feel for the differences between the G Spot and other vaginal tissue.

The G Spot is a fleshy patch that is about the size of a bean or a pea. It will feel slightly like a bump or like a thick piece of tissue against your fingertips. The tissue around the G Spot feels slightly rougher, thicker, and ridged. When the area is stimulated it will swell, so it is best to feel for the G Spot when your partner is aroused. Remember everyone is different, so when you are feeling for the G Spot get feedback. Your partner may already know where her G Spot is and can help direct you.

If you are having trouble feeling for the G Spot, you can also massage the top of your partner’s stomach along the upper pubic area. This will help stimulate the area and will help the G Spot stand out.

The best way to tell if the area you’ve felt is the G Spot is by stimulating the area, if your partner’s pleasure increases then you’re on the right track.

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Best Sex Toy For G Spot Stimulation

The G Spot is an area that is located two inches inside of the vagina along the front of the upper wall. The G Spot is a highly erogenous zone and with stimulation, can lead to orgasm. One of the great ways to stimulate the orgasm is with a sex toy. Whether you use a sex toy alone or with your partner, you should consider getting the best sex toy for G Spot stimulation.

Since the G Spot is inside the vagina, the best sex toys for G Spot stimulation are vibrators. You will want to look at the shape of the vibrator to see if it will reach the G Spot. Usually G Spot vibrators have a curled or curved end at the top, so that it can press against the upper area of the vagina wall where the G Spot is located.

The G Spot area is around an inch, so you want to find something that also has a wide, rounded head at the end of the curve to stimulate the entire area. There are some great vibrators that have two different sides, which different sized heads. The larger head can stimulate the entire area until you are fully aroused and then the reverse side, with a smaller head can target the G Spot.

When picking a G Spot vibrator, you also want to look for something that vibrates at different speeds and patterns so you can have more options for control over the area. If you are new to sex toys, you might also want to find a vibrator that is soft and slightly flexible which can be more gentle that stiffer, hard versions. You can also take a little time to read some reviews on G Spot vibrators to see what other ladies recommend.

To learn how to find the G Spot watch this video.

How To Find The G Spot | Adult SexEd

The G Spot can be the ultimate mechanism to deliver pleasure to your partner. The G Spot is a hypersensitive area inside of the vagina that is typically found about two inches inside of the vagina on the upper wall. The G Spot will swell when you partner is aroused and repeat stimulation of the area can enhance your partner’s sexual experience and lead to multiple orgasms.

However, the G Spot is a bit of a mystery and finding your partner’s G Spot can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to find her G Spot, so that you can make sure that you take full advantage of this erogenous zone.

The best way to find the G Spot is with your fingers. Start by washing your hands and trimming your nails. The vagina is a really sensitive area and while you look for your partner’s G Spot, you want to make sure that you are also making her feel fantastic.

Since the G Spot swells when your partner is aroused, you want to start with a little foreplay. Kiss, caress, and lick the areas of your partner’s body that are most stimulating to her. Then when she is ready, slowly insert your finger into her vagina and stroke the upper wall with the tip of your finger. You will be feeling for a ridged area that is about the size of a bean. You can also press and rub gently on the top of her stomach and pubic area.

Once you’ve found her G Spot, then it’s up to you and your partner to decide on how to proceed to continue stimulating the area.

Finding your partner’s G Spot can ensure that you both have a more pleasurable time together, so take your time to look for this important area and remember to always get feedback from your partner so you can both really enjoy yourselves.

G Spot stimulation can also lead to a squirting orgasm otherwise known as female ejaculation. Check out my blog post on the truth about squirting orgasms.