Best Sex Toy For G Spot Stimulation

The G Spot is an area that is located two inches inside of the vagina along the front of the upper wall. The G Spot is a highly erogenous zone and with stimulation, can lead to orgasm. One of the great ways to stimulate the orgasm is with a sex toy. Whether you use a sex toy alone or with your partner, you should consider getting the best sex toy for G Spot stimulation.

Since the G Spot is inside the vagina, the best sex toys for G Spot stimulation are vibrators. You will want to look at the shape of the vibrator to see if it will reach the G Spot. Usually G Spot vibrators have a curled or curved end at the top, so that it can press against the upper area of the vagina wall where the G Spot is located.

The G Spot area is around an inch, so you want to find something that also has a wide, rounded head at the end of the curve to stimulate the entire area. There are some great vibrators that have two different sides, which different sized heads. The larger head can stimulate the entire area until you are fully aroused and then the reverse side, with a smaller head can target the G Spot.

When picking a G Spot vibrator, you also want to look for something that vibrates at different speeds and patterns so you can have more options for control over the area. If you are new to sex toys, you might also want to find a vibrator that is soft and slightly flexible which can be more gentle that stiffer, hard versions. You can also take a little time to read some reviews on G Spot vibrators to see what other ladies recommend.

To learn how to find the G Spot watch this video.

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