What Does The G Spot Feel Like?

The G Spot is a sensitive area inside of the vagina. When stimulated the G Spot can deliver an immense amount of pleasure to your partner. Finding the G Spot can be a bit tricky but if you know what it feels like, you can find it with a little help from your partner.

The G Spot is typically found about 2 inches inside of the vagina along the front of the upper vagina wall. The G Spot swells when your partner is stimulated, so the best time to feel for it is when you partner is sexually aroused. The best way to find the G Spot is with your sensitive fingertips that can feel for the differences between the G Spot and other vaginal tissue.

The G Spot is a fleshy patch that is about the size of a bean or a pea. It will feel slightly like a bump or like a thick piece of tissue against your fingertips. The tissue around the G Spot feels slightly rougher, thicker, and ridged. When the area is stimulated it will swell, so it is best to feel for the G Spot when your partner is aroused. Remember everyone is different, so when you are feeling for the G Spot get feedback. Your partner may already know where her G Spot is and can help direct you.

If you are having trouble feeling for the G Spot, you can also massage the top of your partner’s stomach along the upper pubic area. This will help stimulate the area and will help the G Spot stand out.

The best way to tell if the area you’ve felt is the G Spot is by stimulating the area, if your partner’s pleasure increases then you’re on the right track.

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