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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas

The famous YouTuber, entertainer, and comedian Joe Santagato talks about 10 things you probably didn’t know about vaginas. If you are into women or simply fascinated by their physique, keep on reading. You’ll find quite a few interesting facts. And, if you want to have a laugh or two, check out Joe’s video below. His comedic timing and humor are sure to put you in a good mood.

#1 Nerve Endings

The clitoris contains 8000 nerve endings, while the penis only contains 4000. Just imagine how much more sensitive the sex must feel for them. Is this even fair?!

#2 Size

The average vagina is 3-4 inches and can expand by 200% when aroused. Crazy, right? And, a woman’s uterus stretches up to 500 times its normal size during labor.

#3 Squalene

Both vaginas and sharks contain the natural lubricant squalene. Squalene keeps vaginas elastic and moist.

#4 Pubic Hair

Pubic hair has a life expectancy of 3 weeks, whereas the hair on your head can live up to 7 years.

#5 Orgasms

According to the studies done by the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California, the highest number of orgasms achieved by a woman over the course of an hour was 134. The highest number achieved by a man was 16.

#6 Self-cleaner

The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism. Glands in the vagina produce fluid that flows out daily to help get rid of dead cells and other potentially harmful materials. The skin of the vaginal folds also have glands that produce fluid, called sebum, for added protection against infection. Neat, eh?

#7 Inner Walls

The inner walls are pleated and open like an umbrella during intercourse.

#8 Bacteria

The vagina is teeming with bacteria. Some of the good bacteria are also found in yogurt.

#9 Speculum

The speculum, a tool used by gynecologists, was used as early as 1300BC. I don’t know how in the world they were able to make that, but if you believe in ancient civilizations, this fact should not even surprise you.

#10 Sword Holder

The word vagina roughly translates as sword holder/scabbard in Latin.

Check out the video below for shits and giggles:

6 Secrets for an Epic Breast Orgasm

In ancient China, breasts were called “bells of love” and touching these bells could open the heart of a woman to you forever. Breasts were a sacred extension of the heart. In 2011, a scientific study found that a woman’s breasts and nipples are directly connected to her vagina through the nervous system and hormone production. This means that the same part of the brain activated by vaginal stimulation is also activated by breast stimulation and can, therefore, lead to a breast orgasm.

To most women, their breasts are the epitome of their femininity. Show them all your love. They are energy centers and the more you express your love for them the more receptive they will become to your touch. Be open and honest and communicative. Clear communication is extremely important. The more you communicate, the more trust you build. The more your partner trusts you, the more she will be able to relax. The more relaxed she is, the more likely she will be to have an orgasm.

Know how to kiss her! If you want to properly stimulate her breasts, learn how to kiss passionately. The tongue has thousands of sensory nerve endings that are connected to everything – yes even the breasts! A deep, passionate kiss will cause her nipples to erect and stimulate hormone production to the breasts and vagina.

Tease your partner and build tension. Explore the breasts. Touch the sides and undersides. Take your time, go slowly. Explore her body and make your way back to the breasts. Gently brush the nipples and continue exploring.

Lightly squeeze the nipples. Lightly rotate the tip of your tongue in circles around the nipple. Pucker the lips around the nipple and suck gently. Add chilling and warming sensations by inhaling and exhaling long breaths over the nipples. Play with sensation by alternating between the smooth underside of the tongue and the rougher top side of the tongue. In a deep soothing voice, tell your partner to breathe deeply. Intentional breathing will relax her further and allow her to more easily let go. Most importantly – when she is very aroused and on the verge of orgasm, do not make any changed to what you’re doing.

Accept the mystery of the breast. All women are mysterious and beautiful creatures. Because they are all different from one another, breast play for each individual woman will be different. Breast sensitivity changes with a woman’s cycle, so it can change from day to day. Don’t get frustrated if things that worked once don’t work always. Don’t focus on creating the orgasm, focus on the experience and it will be magical for the both of you.

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The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Some people just can’t figure this stuff out – so here are some tips on how to help her reach the female orgasm.

First of all, good vibes outside the bedroom equal good vibes inside the bedroom. If there is any stress or conflict in your relationship, that stuff is going to affect her ability to fully relax during sex. Communication is the hottest form of foreplay, use it regularly.

Take your time! Laci recommends paying attention to the entire body (nipples, back, thighs, neck) with a variety of sensations (touching, kissing, oral). Don’t think of everything that comes before penetrative sex as foreplay. Think of the whole experience as sex and be engaged in every part of it.

This is a given, but get to know the female anatomy! There’s this thing called the clit and it’s kind of a big deal. You can access it externally – it looks like a little button and it located at the top of the vagina.  You can also access it internally via the G-spot – 2 inches inside the vagina and push upwards with a “come here” motion. Don’t immediately go for this area though – slow it down and she will be more aroused by the time you get there.

Two words: Gentle and Lubricated. The external clitoris is extremely sensitive. So sensitive that you can actually hurt it if you work it too hard. Make sure you use a lubricant or saliva and use gentle motions (unless your partner tells you otherwise).

To reiterate, communication is key. Ask her what she likes; what feels good. Try some different sensations out and get her to rate them on a pleasure scale from 1 – 10. Keep the conversation going outside the bedroom about what worked, fantasies and what else you’d like to try together.

In porn what you will see a lot of the time is when the female is approaching orgasm, her male partner will speed up whatever action he is doing. This might work for some people, but for the majority, steady and consistent motion is required to achieve orgasm.

Watch the full video here:


How To Tell If A Woman Is Horny

Being able to tell if a woman is horny isn’t exactly as easy as being able to tell if a man is horny. While men get the telltale sign of an erection, the female signs of arousal can be a bit more subtle if you’re not currently hitting second base. While subtle, they’re not impossible to see, and we want to break down a few signs that you can look for to see if you’re on the right track:


  • Look for flushing – For women, a sign of arousal is flushing, and this could be flushing on the breasts, “down there” flushing, or flushing to the face. If her skin is turning slightly pink or darkening while you’re interacting with one another, it’s a great sign of sexual arousal occurring.
  • Stiff nipples – While nipples stiffen when a woman is cold, they’ll also tend to get hard when a woman is horny as well. Erect nipples aren’t an across the board sign of arousal, so it may not be the case in all women, but it is a very common and simple to spot indication.
  • Wetness – The most telltale sign telling you that a woman is horny is vaginal wetness, but you’ll have to already be stimulating the area to find this out. During arousal, blood flow to the vaginal region increases, causing the vagina to self-lubricate with a thin but silky clear liquid.
  • Increased heart rate – During arousal, the body is sending blood careening down to the vagina, thereby increasing the heart rate and blood pressure of the woman. If you’re close to one another and you notice her heart beat start to quicken, it could be a sure sign that she is becoming aroused.
  • Heavy breathing – Along with increased heart rate, a woman will begin to breathe more heavily when she is horny, and as the blood is pumping through her veins. This can be simple to look for during make out sessions, when her breath will be easy to feel.


While female signs of arousal may not be as obvious as a man’s, they’re still there. With careful observation, you can pinpoint signs of this excitement and learn how to tell if a woman is horny. Additionally, if these signs are present at one time, then begin to slow or stop, you can also tell if what you’re doing is working for or against your efforts!

How To Make My Girlfriend Want Me More Sexually

If you’re wondering how to make your girlfriend want you more sexually, the main thing you should keep in mind and focus on is getting to the same page with her. When it comes to women, their minds dictate their sexual desires equally when compared to their body, so they truly do require a full connection with a person in order to feel yearning and arousal for their partner. With this in mind, you should be able to build on these connections with her and grow a level of desire that is desirable to you both.

First and foremost, the most arousal-inducing thing you can do with your girlfriend is simply talk to her. Stimulating and equal conversations can build lines of intimacy and trust between you and your girlfriend, which opens her up and leads her mind to a place where she feels sexually free and comfortable. In a relaxed and comfortable environment, women climax easier, pursue sex more often, and want to explore new tricks or techniques in the bedroom to create a more exciting sexual experience. While it may sound simple, and it is, look her in the eye and talk with her to make that simple and meaningful connection.

In terms of building those physical lines, things can get a bit trickier. Physically, all women are different, and all different women will like different things, so this is really where that open communication line comes in handy. Being able to communicate openly and in a more relaxed fashion during foreplay and the main event will help you to know just what she likes and how she likes it, and she’ll actually want to give you proper instructions. When you have these great experiences that really cater to both of your needs, she’ll keep coming back for more time and time again.

The main secret to how to get your girlfriend to want you more sexually is to really focus on these two foundations – physical and emotional connections. With these kept strong, you’ll be able to open her up to sharing these sexual needs and desires with you freely, leading you down a path of exploring both of your sexual connections in an exciting and special way. While it may seem like these are things that should be focused on in the beginning of a relationship, you’ll find that you continue to reap the benefits all throughout!

How To Make Love To Your Wife

There is sex, and then there is making love. If you’re wondering how to make love to your wife, there are things you can do to turn a sex session into a sensual and all-encompassing experience sure to leave her wanting more and more. The main difference between making love to your wife and having sex with your wife is that love making pays attention to all of the senses, and causes you to almost get lost in the experience as a whole. Some tips to get all 5 senses involved are:

  • Sight – Mood lighting, candles, or incorporating lingerie or costume play is a great way to start off a great lovemaking session. Providing and taking in an exciting visual can really help to get the blood flowing and build that tension and desire.
  • Sound – Music or mood-setting sound can really set the stage for lovemaking, and give you a romantic atmosphere that builds wonderfully on the intimacy between you both. This sound doesn’t have to be manufactured or “put on”, either, and simply taking in the sounds of your own breathing can do the trick perfectly.
  • Taste – Taste is a big part of lovemaking, and you can incorporate tastes you bring in to the bedroom or simply observe and reflect on the natural tastes you’re experiencing during foreplay or intercourse.
  • Smell – Aromatherapy can be brought into lovemaking really easily, and there are scents you can find to bring about any feeling or mood. For relaxation, lavender is known to work well, and a recent study performed by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that women tend to have a natural sexual reaction to the smell of fresh cucumber.
  • Touch – Most important of all the senses during lovemaking is touch, and the best way to ensure you’re making the most of touch is to pay attention to her nonverbal cues. Is she moaning? Pushing away? Holding you tighter? When you’re touching her in just the right areas, she will let you know whether she is conscious of the fact or not.


Incorporating all of the senses into sex to create a mind-blowing lovemaking session with your wife isn’t difficult, and with creative touches, you can keep things fresh for years and years of marriage. When you learn how to make love to your wife, you’ll find that your sexual and sensual connection grows deeper than it ever has before.

How To Make A Woman Wet

While you get hard, women get wet, and the best way to learn how to make a woman wet is to learn a little bit about why she gets wet in the first place. First off, when arousal occurs, blood flows to the genitals. In men, this blood flow creates an erection, but in women in stimulates a gland located between the vulva and the vagina called the Bartholin’s Gland, which emits a clear and slippery fluid that is quite a bit different from vaginal discharge. You’ll notice that this fluid spreads easily, and sticks around to lubricate the entire vaginal area for sex.

Without this wetness, sex can be incredibly uncomfortable for women, as the friction burns and tears at delicate skin. The best way to get this wetness going is to get the blood flowing, and you can create a good blood flow by using both physical and metal means. The type of arousal methods your woman enjoys will depend on her personal likes and dislikes, and while one woman may love one method, another could prefer something completely different.

Making a woman wet through touch is a great way to get the job going while you’re together, but what about when you’re not? Stimulating and intellectual conversation that is attentive to her and her voice is a really effective way to make a woman wet without being physically present, as are dirty little text messages that really build the tension. Don’t send photos or anything too explicit, but instead tease her and turn her on slowly with what you want to do to her, what you love about her body, and how badly you cannot wait to be reunited with her again.

If you are together and able to touch, there are a ton of ways to go about making your woman wet. Touching her well known and lesser-known erogenous zones, massaging her, and simply being close to her and building an intimate connection can really get her blood flowing in all the right directions. Also, you can simply ask her what makes her wet, and listen to her physical cues as you carry out her most personal desires.

When it comes to how to make a woman wet, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method, but there are a multitude of fun ways to explore. To get the blood flowing, try physical and non-physical methods, and explore what really turns you both on!

How To Make A Woman Horny

If you’re looking for an easy catch-all answer to how to make a woman horny, the problem is that you’re not like to get one. Women as individuals have as many sexual likes and dislikes as they would with food, fashion, music, or anything else, and what makes one woman horny might be a total turn off to another. That being said, however, there are a few tried and tested methods that have pretty positive responses across the board, and we want to break down a few simple and trustworthy ways to make just about any woman horny:

  • Pay attention to all her erogenous zones – We all know about the nipples, butt, lips, and vulva, but what about all those other lesser-known regions? There are plenty of places on the body filled with sensitive nerve endings that buzz to life when in contact with the right sort of touch. A few new places to give attention on her body are her ears, neck, the backs of her knees, her palms, the bend on the inside of her elbow, her wrists, and the soles of her feet. By softly touching or breathing on these areas, you’re taking a scientific approach to driving her wild.


  • Use massage – Massage can be a brilliant way to build a connection while relaxing and arousing her all at the same time. Listen to her verbal and physical cues when giving her a great massage, and don’t be afraid to tell her just what you love about her body. If she tells you suggestions to better please her, listen to them, and build up that sexual tension in an indulgent and intimate way.


  • Connect with her – Connecting with her intellectually can be a massive turn on for many women, but this will take a bit of conversation and is best used to build sexual tension over a period of time. For women, the mind has a huge hold on her arousal, and if she can’t get in the right head space she won’t be able to get to the right physical space either.


Ask her – Sometimes, the best way to figure out how to make a woman horny is simply to ask her, and to get the low-down on all of her turn ons. This works particularly well when you’ve already built a connection and a bit of intimacy, and you can learn just what buttons to push and when to push them.

How To Make A Girl Horny

You may know all the basic ways to make a girl horny, but what about a few lesser known methods? If you want to keep things new and exciting, learning how to make a girl horny with touch or interaction she may have never experienced before is the way to go. We want to break down a few ways you may not have thought of to make a girl horny:

  • Use scent – Cologne, flowers, and sensual oils might be smells you think turn a girl on, but studies have found something a little different. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation located in Chicago, a study performed showed that men’s cologne and body spray tends to reduce vaginal blood flow, while two scents stuck out in increasing both blood flow and arousal. Those two scents? Strangely, they were Good n’ Plenty candy and cucumbers, or a mixture of both. Additional scents that acted as a turn-off to women were cherries and a charcoal barbecue.
  • Leave a little stubble – A study performed by the University of New South Wales showed groups of women different facial hair styles and clean shaven faces, and asked them to rate the faces from least to most attractive. The study showed that the overwhelming majority of women chose a face with 10 days’ worth of stubble to be the most attractive or close to the most attractive when compared to clean shaven faces or faces with different stages of full beards. Want to make a different approach at making a girl horny? Drop the razor for a few days!
  • Pay attention to her lesser-known zones – Women have many erogenous zones, and there are several that always see ample attention. Her lips, butt, vulva, and breasts are some that you probably go for straight away, but if you really want to “wow” her, give a few other areas a little attention. What makes these spots so arousing when touched is their surplus of nerve endings close to the surface of the skin, and they’re not the only parts of the body made this way. Other areas you should try caressing, kissing, or breathing on are her inner elbows, soles of her feet, her earlobes, her stomach, or the backs of her knees.

With a few different techniques, you can not only make a girl horny the first time, but keep her coming back for more as you keep pulling out the surprises!

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Have Sex With You

If you’re wondering how to get your girlfriend to have sex with you, you need to put your focus in two areas: her physical connection to you, and more importantly, her mental or emotional connection. Women’s arousal and sexual comfort depends heavily on her mental and emotional state, much more so than men, so this is where you want to focus first before building on that physical side. Once you’ve established trust in these two areas, your sex life has the healthy and strong foundation you need to create many memorable nights.

Building this emotional connection takes some time, and some effort on your part, but it makes all the difference in creating a sexual comfort level and desire. The best way to build this connection is simply to communicate, and to create a judgement-free zone where she can be herself. When she speaks to you during conversation, listen to her and look in to her eyes, and make sure that you’re creating genuine intimacy with a natural progression into trust you both can enjoy. While having conversation it’s also important to give her a chance to speak, and to participate in topics that serve both of your interests.

Once an emotional connection has been built, you can then begin to work on the physical aspects. Put her mind at ease and take things slow, taking care to listen to her physical and verbal cues regarding what she likes and what she may not care for. Not only will this help her to build a physical sense of trust, but you can explore her body and learn what works to entice her and arouse her.

These tips aren’t only to be used during the early stages of a relationship, although that is when they are most important. During all stages of a relationship, as we change and grow, it’s important to keep these physical and emotional connections fresh and strong, making these habits ones that should be kept up with your girlfriend for the entire duration of your time together. Keeping this trust in place will open you both up sexually, bringing to light a whole world of intimate possibility you can both explore and enjoy. When it comes to how to get your girlfriend to have sex with you, the better the connection, the better the physical relationship is going to be!