Unlocking Multiple Squirting Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are pretty enjoyable, and this rings true for both partners. With clitoral orgasms, the heightened sensitivity of the clitoris can make multiple orgasms difficult, but it’s much less so when you unlock G spot orgasms leading to female ejaculation. Multiple squirting orgasms aren’t only possible, they may even be a bit easier when she gets the first one, and you get into a good rhythm with the G spot. How do you unlock multiple squirting orgasms? All it takes is a bit of open and fun exploration of her body and what her G spot likes.

To understand how to unlock multiple squirting orgasms, you’ll first need to get acquainted with the G spot and what makes this orgasm zone quite a bit different from the clitoris. The G spot is located about 2 to 3 inches inside of the vagina along its upper wall, and it should feel like a small squishy walnut that grows firmer as she gets more aroused. The G spot, while sensitive, doesn’t have the same amount of nerve endings as the clitoris, so it isn’t like to become as hypersensitive to touch once a single climax is reached. When the G spot is stimulated, the Skene Gland located nearer to the urethra begins to produce and fill up with fluid, which will then be released as a squirting orgasm once G spot climax is reached.

The first squirting orgasm is usually the toughest one, as you’ll need to figure out just what sort of rhythm and what sort of force the area is feeling best with on that particular day or with that particular woman. That being said, once you get the first one, mimicking these movements and listening to her verbal and physical cues will make getting multiple squirting orgasms much easier. With the area already sensitive, continued G spot stimulation will lead to continued Skene Gland production, which then results in squirting orgasms occurring over and over again.

If your partner has had trouble with multiple orgasms, it may be that you’re not giving her the right orgasms to have. With G spot squirting orgasms, multiples can be a thing of reality, and a new world for you both to explore during both foreplay and intercourse. As always, during your journey to multiple squirting orgasms, relaxation and open communication will make all the difference in your levels of success.

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