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6 Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom That Women HATE

Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about 6 mistakes men make in the bedroom and how to fix them.

Aaron has around three million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has been giving men advice professionally for over ten years. He has been featured on numerous major networks, such as ABC, NBC, MTV, and many more. His videos have a lot of useful content in addition to being very entertaining. So, let’s get right into the topic at hand.

Six biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom:

1) Not enough foreplay.

Think of sex like driving a manual transmission sports car. You can’t go from first gear to fourth. Take it slow and easy.

2) Quiet like a mouse.

You don’t have to go crazy talking dirty to her, but allowing your throat chakra to express itself won’t hurt you. Just make sure you’ve had a mint.

3) Being too aggressive with the breasts.

Unless she specifically tells you to bite her nipples, gentleness is the way to treat her bosom. Groping does not feel good, but caressing them does. So, be gentle and affectionate.

4) Not being well groomed.

Well, this goes without saying. Trim your pubes, but most importantly, be mindful of your beard. Either approach her with a freshly shaved face or a beard you’ve been growing for over a week.

Stubble is very painful to her skin, which causes irritation and redness. And, you don’t want to be hurting her. So, either shave it regularly or let it grow out, so that it reaches its soft texture.

5) Smelly sack.

Do not spray cologne on your junk. The proper way to eliminate odor is to use a powder. Aaron suggests Chassis Powder as it is made from baking soda and does not lump when in contact with moisture.

6) Thinking what you see in pornography is how it should be.

A lot can be said about this, but Aaron mostly talks about the proper way of putting on a condom.

Open it with your hands, not your mouth, and squeeze the tip to avoid air getting inside the condom before sliding it down your shaft. Make sure you put it on correctly. If you accidentally try to put it on from the wrong end, get rid of that condom, and use a new one.

For more details, check out the video below:

Female Sex Fantasies!

Laci Green, the famous YouTube sex educator, talks about 5 top female sex fantasies.


Believe it or not, many women fantasize about having sex with a beautiful woman. Who else can know the female body better?


High heels, latex, and all that jazz. A combination of being desired and being in a position of power is what makes this fantasy so highly exciting.

Sex with a Stranger

She is in a shady bar. A handsome stranger steps out of the shadows, seduces her and whisks her away. A night of steamy, uninhibited sex sans names, sans numbers. Just straight pleasure.


One of the most common female fantasies is the one in which the woman is raped or sexually assaulted. She may be physically restrained or disadvantaged, protesting every second, but at the same time secretly enjoying it.

Note that rape fantasies don’t mean women want to be raped or sexually assaulted.

Laci mentions 3 hypotheses explaining the science behind this:

1) It’s an extreme expression of power dynamics. Who would not like to surrender completely and receive?
2) Our culture eroticizes violence and aggression, and people are internalizing that.
3) It is a guilt mechanism, meaning she can engage in this wild, raunchy sex and then not feel guilty about it.


This can include dressing up in costumes. There are a lot of common themes in erotic role-playing, which mostly are about power play between the people involved.

Usually, one person is the dominant character, while the other one is being submissive. Such scenarios include a teacher and a student, a prisoner and a guard, a priest and a whore.

The list goes on and on, but exploring more into erotic role-playing is definitely worth your time. It’s one of the greatest things you can do as a couple to spice up your sex life.

How to Use a Sex Swing

Dr. Doe is here to explain the basics of using a sex swing. This model attaches to the back of a door. Her first tip is to make sure to use a study door. Upon opening the box you will find a bunch of straps and 2 plastic tubes. Hang the straps with the tubes over the door. Close the door and lock it for privacy.
If your sex swing has a seat it will be in the center of the door. There will be handles near the top and stirrups below for your feet. The most basic position is to sit on the seat and put your feet in the stirrups. Your hands can go anywhere – your partner, the handles, the straps. This position is optimal for vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or strap-on sex.
The stirrups are very strong. You can use them to stand up or squat. It’s still important to be careful as it is easy to lose your balance.
Standing you can receive oral sex from someone sitting on the seat. You can also face the door and squat. You can move the seat to your back and leverage your feet on the door. Dr. Doe demonstrates several other positions you can use with a sex swing.
When you are finished playing, unlock and open the door. Slide the tubes off the top of the door and neatly wrap the straps up for next time.

What Does It Mean To Squirt?

Squirting is a form of female ejaculation, though there is a difference between an orgasm and squirting. Squirting is usually associated with G Spot stimulation and does not always accompany an orgasm.

Biologically, squirting is when a woman expels fluid through her paraurethral ducts which are located near the opening of the vagina. The fluid is clear and comes from the Skene’s gland. The Skene’s gland is a lot like the male prostate and is very similar in makeup to the male prostatic fluid.

The Skene’s gland is located right by the G Spot, so when the G Spot is stimulated through sexual arousal the Skene’s gland also becomes stimulated and begins absorbing fluid. Once the fluid is built, pressure against the G Spot can lead to squirting.

Though not always the product of an orgasm, both the stimulation of the G Spot and the release of fluid can feel fantastic. So it can be a pretty desirable outcome of sex, especially if it accompanies an orgasm.

Often times when we think of squirting, we imagine what we’ve maybe seen in pornography where a woman has a high steady stream of ejaculation. However, not all women squirt the same. In some cases, when a woman squirts, it is not as a dramatic as a high arc, but will instead pour out of the vagina. In either case, this extra lubrication can feel great for both you and your partner.

If you want to try squirting to see how it feels, you will need to locate the G Spot and then stimulate the area until your Skene’s Gland absorbs and releases the fluid. You can do this with your partner or on your own with a sex toy designed to stimulate the G Spot. With a little practice and some patience, you can learn to squirt to see if you enjoy the feeling.