Female Sex Fantasies!

Laci Green, the famous YouTube sex educator, talks about 5 top female sex fantasies.


Believe it or not, many women fantasize about having sex with a beautiful woman. Who else can know the female body better?


High heels, latex, and all that jazz. A combination of being desired and being in a position of power is what makes this fantasy so highly exciting.

Sex with a Stranger

She is in a shady bar. A handsome stranger steps out of the shadows, seduces her and whisks her away. A night of steamy, uninhibited sex sans names, sans numbers. Just straight pleasure.


One of the most common female fantasies is the one in which the woman is raped or sexually assaulted. She may be physically restrained or disadvantaged, protesting every second, but at the same time secretly enjoying it.

Note that rape fantasies don’t mean women want to be raped or sexually assaulted.

Laci mentions 3 hypotheses explaining the science behind this:

1) It’s an extreme expression of power dynamics. Who would not like to surrender completely and receive?
2) Our culture eroticizes violence and aggression, and people are internalizing that.
3) It is a guilt mechanism, meaning she can engage in this wild, raunchy sex and then not feel guilty about it.


This can include dressing up in costumes. There are a lot of common themes in erotic role-playing, which mostly are about power play between the people involved.

Usually, one person is the dominant character, while the other one is being submissive. Such scenarios include a teacher and a student, a prisoner and a guard, a priest and a whore.

The list goes on and on, but exploring more into erotic role-playing is definitely worth your time. It’s one of the greatest things you can do as a couple to spice up your sex life.

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