Lesbian Sex Advice w/ Shan, Amber and Kiarra

In this video, Shan Boodram interviews lesbian couple Amber and Kiarra to answer some common questions and convey some sexual wisdom.

The most common inquiry into Amber and Kiarra’s sex life as lesbians is, “How does it work?”. Lesbian sex is not some magical ceremony. Tiny fairies do not light the room with twinkling lights, mermaids do not serenade them with their siren song and a unicorn is not seen braying majestically and galloping into the sunset. That would be fucking awesome, but alas. Amber describes lesbian sex as completed foreplay. So for heterosexual partners, this would consist of common foreplay activities completed through to orgasm instead of eventually leading to penetration.

Something that surprises Amber and Kiarra is hetero women’s acceptance of not orgasming every time they have sex with a guy. In a lesbian relationship that just. does. not. happen. Psst: that’s the whole point of sex – get you some.

If you were ever curious about terms used in lesbian relationships, wonder no more. A “stud” is a more masculine looking lesbian. A “fem” is a feminine looking lesbian. Put those together and you get a “stem”, a combination of both feminine and masculine traits. Kiarra adds “pillow princess” to the list. You are a pillow princess if you lay there and receive pleasure rather than give it. And finally, “gold star lesbians”, which are women who have only ever been with women.

Amber has some advice for the guys, and it is simple: CLIT CLIT CLIT. Go down. Always. Lots. More. Do it. Keep motion consistent for best results.

Kiarra is here to impart some wisdom to her fellow lesbian women: Aggression is sexy. Try to find a little bit of boldness in the bedroom and take control. Also, don’t be intimidated if your partner is into penetration. That has nothing to do with being straight or gay, that has to do with having a vagina that likes to be penetrated.

For those of you with sexual curiosities, Amber says let go fo that fear and just go for it. You’ll never know until you try.

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