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Multiple Orgasms for Men | Controlling Ejaculation

Did you know that not only women can have multiple orgasms? In this episode of Lovehoney Annabelle Knight gives tips on how men can enjoy multiple orgasms. So, let’s get started!

First of all, understand that climaxing and ejaculation are two separate things. You can have an orgasm without ejaculating, meaning that you can come over and over again.

It’s important that you are in good shape down there. For this, you can do exercises, such as deadlifts, hip-thrusts, squats. Lower body workouts are what you are looking for. For more tips on how to last longer in bed, check out this post.

If you have been doing kegel exercises for awhile, chances are you have already experienced a dry orgasm, and have been able to come multiple times.

Increase your stamina to increase your chances of multiple orgasms. The best and the easiest way to improve your cardiovascular capacity is to go running with interval training.


Another technique to control your ejaculation is doing STAB, which stands for “Squeeze, Think, Avoid, Breathe.”

Squeeze your pelvic muscles.
Think of something else to distract yourself.
Avoid climaxing by changing your stroke if you are masturbating, or your position if you are having sex.
And, breathe. Control your breathing.

Do all of these at the same time, and you will be able to climax without ejaculating. And, don’t get frustrated if it does not work during the first few attempts. Remember that practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

If you want to find out more about controlling your orgasms, and being able to enjoy them longer and deeper, start dabbling in tantric sex.

And, below you will find Lovehoney’s video about controlling ejaculation.

Have fun experimenting my friends, and until next time!

How to start having Tantric sex (tips for beginners)

What happens when spiritual and physical mix together? Tantric sex. What does that even mean, you might ask. Sacred sexuality. Wanna know more about it? Well then, let’s hear Ray Maor, a spiritual mentor, give us tips and tricks for sexual tantra.

How can we start having tantric sex? Do we have to shave our heads, climb the holy mountain, reach a spiritual awakening, and acquire the secret knowledge of sexual tantra after passing tests of our egos? Well, actually no. With the eastern wisdom merging into the western world, we now have access to this beautiful practice; and let me tell you, beautiful it really is. However, if you are just interested in fucking, skip this post, and check out something else. But, hey, come on, give love-making a chance.

Tantric sex is about not focusing on the end result. But, instead, placing your focus on the path and enjoying it with your partner. I have to refer back to the mountain-climbing. Do you climb the mountain to summit, or do you climb it to enjoy the road, the very present? Tantra makes sex a spiritual ritual of connectedness – a sacred act that brings two energies together. Think about it like a ritual. You prep for it mentally, lighting candles, smells, creating a pleasant atmosphere for you and your partner.

The next thing you need to understand is that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. There is an involuntary muscle that with practice men can make voluntary. And, the more they are able to control this muscle, the longer their orgasms last. Neat, eh? You can reach an orgasm without ejaculating at all, and by doing so, you retain your sexual energy – meaning, you can have sex soon after the orgasm without the tiredness that follows the ejaculation process.

So, what are the tools to control this? Ray teaches us two tricks.

1) The million dollar point, located underneath the testicles. When you press this point, you are actually stopping the sperm from coming out. As you are reaching an orgasm, start pressing it strongly with your fingers and don’t let go for at least 15 to 20 seconds.

2) Learning how to control the muscle you use when you urinate. You can practice controlling it by stopping when the stream is at its maximum current. Hold it briefly, then let go and continue. Then stop again, and let go again. This is the muscle you cannot control during an orgasm that creates ejaculation. But, with practice, anything is possible.

During an intercourse go up to 80% of your orgasm. When you feel you are getting there, use the above-mentioned muscle to stop. Imagine that you are breathing the energy and moving it from the lowest chakra upwards toward your head. Just imagine it and breathe. You will see that it all comes together. You are holding that muscle, and pushing it up. And, you will feel that the sexual energy is not concentrated only on that organ. It’s spreading everywhere.

Sexual tantra is not just some 15-minute average sex. It takes much more. It can take half an hour, sometimes hours. If you are interested in controlling your orgasm and getting the best out of it, and your partner supports it, then why the hell not? Go ahead, experiment with it, and have fun!

Check out the video below for detailed instructions:

Magical Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are usually seen as a perk of being female. Males can also indulge in this experience. It’s important to know the difference between an orgasm and an ejaculation. Most people think of these two things happening at the same time. Laci says to think of the orgasm as the “party” and the ejaculation as the “confetti”. The secret to multiple orgasms is separating the two.
The time it takes a man to be able to ejaculate again is the refractory period. During this period, arousal decreases and the genitals return back to normal. This period comes with euphoria and sleepiness. When you are younger this period is shorter and as you age it gets longer. The key to male multiple orgasms is to avoid this period altogether.
So how you do orgasm without ejaculating? Edging is the practice of getting to the point of almost orgasming and then stopping. When you feel like you are almost about to cum, stop all stimulation and let the feeling fade. Get in tune with your body and pinpoint the exact moment you orgasm. Learn self-control and be able to stop yourself from going too far.
The best way to aid your self-control is to strengthen your PC muscles. These muscles line the floor of your pelvic cavity and are the ones you use to push out and stop streams of pee. To strengthen these muscles, clench them for 1-2 seconds. Do 3 sets of 20 every day to keep them strong. You will be able to get to the edge of orgasm, clench these muscles and experience an orgasm without ejaculating. Once you have mastered this, you can do it as many times as you want.