The Dick Gym: How To Last Longer In Bed

Do you have trouble lasting long in bed? Does your partner complain about you finishing before her? Tantra, sex and relationship expert Psalm Isadora gives us tips on how to fix this issue with what she calls the dick gym.

Psalm is the founder of the global sex coaching program Urban Kama Sutra – the only home-study program that teaches the ancient tantric secrets. She has appeared as a featured sex expert on CNN, Buzzfeed, Playboy, Dr. Drew, and many more. You can find certified tantra coaches on her website.

Back to the topic at hand – one of the ways you can increase your stamina in bed is by building up your testosterone. The more testosterone, the more virility and sexual appetite you have. You might be thinking, how the hell do I boost my testosterone when T levels naturally decline with age?! The answer is simple – work out.

There are numerous testosterone building workouts available online, if you want to get in depth with it. But, first, let’s start with the basics. You can increase lower body strength with deadlifts, hip thrusts, squats. Over time you will see how much stamina you have in bed, and all those hip thrusting movements prep you for long love-making sessions. Who would not enjoy that?!

Another thing you can do is increase cardiovascular capacity by doing high-intensity interval training. An example of cardio HIIT workout would be doing sprints for 30 seconds on a treadmill and then going at a slower pace for 90 seconds. Then going 30 seconds as fast as you can and going slow again for 90 seconds. Doing this for 20 minutes will start to build up your cardio.

Another important thing is mental game. You have to go in this, feeling confident and persistent about your decision. You want to make sure it lasts longer and that she is also having a good time. Nothing is worse than being the only one satisfied after sex – that is if you want to maintain your relationship, okay? Have the willpower that you are going to give her more pleasure and your body will respond to the willpower of your mind.

Another thing you can do is edging, peaking. You masturbate to the brink of an orgasm, and then you slow down, relax, breathe until you are ready to repeat the same technique. This teaches you how to maintain a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching an orgasm – hence, lasting longer in bed.

Speaking of masturbation, if you like to do that, by all means, go ahead. But, if you can’t get hard for her later, save it for your partner. Either don’t masturbate, or masturbate and don’t ejaculate. Make sure you always help her finish too. Things happen and no matter how hard we try, you might be the first one to come, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES leave her hanging.

Give her oral sex, or finish her with your fingers. You gotta make sure your woman orgasms when you two are having sex. Even if she might say that it’s ok, trust me, it’s NOT OKAY, and the resentment builds, which then leads to breakups. So, don’t leave her hanging. Make sure you both have fun and have orgasmed after a good horizontal tango.

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