Talk Sex with Sue Johansen

So, you know how you’ve always wanted to hear your grandma talk about awkward sex stuff in front of a large national audience? I know – me too. In this video, sex expert Sue Johansen, from the platform of her late night live call-in show Talk Sex with Sue Johansen, answers people’s sex related questions.

There’s no question this octogenarian won’t answer; there’s no dumb questions when it comes to sex. It is Sue’s mission to properly inform the world on the subject of sex education.

The first question in this highlight reel of clips is a doozy – Can a dentist tell if someone has a lot of oral? Umm.. no. The answer is no.

The answer to the next question threw me for a loop. Is it safe to have sex in a hot tub? Sue says: NO! Not only will the thrusting push water up into the vagina causing irritation and infection – but there is speculation that water may travel through the cervix and make its way to the fallopian tubes possibly causing endometriosis (a painful and sometimes debilitating condition).

Next, watch Sue calmly listen to a caller from Fort Worth describe her unstoppable queefing. If you thought that would crack ol’ Sue, think again. Is there anyway to stop doing that?, the caller asks. Queefs, however, according to Sue, are marvelous things that are unique to women. Don’t be embarrassed, let em’ rip!

In what can only be described as the single best moment of my life, the following clip features Sue brazenly asking a caller if her partner is using protection during bum sex. It is immediately accompanied by the most horrifying moment of my life as she explains to the caller about the infection she can contract due to the transfer of bacteria from anus to vagina.

During Sue’s Hot Stuff portion of the show, she features different sex toys and explains how to use them. During this highlight reel, Sue introduces an interesting and complicated male masturbation device, a female masturbation device with a vibrating suction tongue, a more conventional strap-on dildo, and a dildo with freakin’ camera on the end of it with which she simulates penetration using her hand.

In 2008, dear Sue decided to retire from her life as a Sunday night sex expert, and the world lost the last true honest and unhindered source of sexual education. All we have left now are the glorious Youtube clips left behind.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, watch the full video here:




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