Best Women’s Sex Toys (For Actual Sex)

Sex toys are a fun and simple way to add an element of excitement to your normal sexy-time routine. Whether you like to get kinky or keep things low key, there are sex toys to suit your needs. Sex toys aren’t just for masturbation anymore!

Increase the intimacy level between yourself and your significant other by using sex toys as a couple. This video displays 5 sex toys that have been deemed the best in terms of women’s pleasure that are usable during sex.

7 out of 10 women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. The butterfly vibrator allows you enjoy both penetration and clitoral stimulation hands free! This contraption looks daunting as there are a lot of straps and clips, but it is actually quite simple. Slip the straps over your legs and slide them to your groin. This keeps the vibey little butterfly in place while you get to it. The bullet inside vibrates directly on the clit while the vibrating wings stimulate the labia. It also comes with a wireless remote so either yourself or your partner can control the intensity.

Also for the purpose of extra stimulation is the finger vibrator. The inner bullet vibrates while the outer silicone ring slips easily onto the fingertip for precise stimulation control by you or your partner. Intended for both clit and nipple play.

WeVibe has been making sex toys for almost 10 years now and has perfected it’s mid-coital design. The U shape slides simultaneously inside the vagina and over the clitoris. The inner end pushes upwards against the G-spot and provides vibrations against the penis during penetration while the outer end provides clitoral stimulation. This little beauty also comes with a wireless remote for intensity control.

This video will also introduce you to the world of stimulating gels. Rub the Love Honey Bliss Balm onto the clit and surrounding areas to increase circulation to the area causing heightened sensitivity. There is also a gel intended for use inside the vagina which increases circulation and enlarges the vaginal walls and G-spot. The vagina will appear tighter during penetration and the G-spot will receive some extra and well-deserved attention.

Lastly, this video explores the glories of the butt plug. The butt plug stimulates erogenous zones surrounding the anus and the pudendal nerve. This is the main perineum nerve that is in charge of sensation in the genital and anal areas. A butt plug will also make the vagina feel tighter and guide the penis towards the G-spot during penetration. If the one she is holding seems formidable, there are smaller ones as well as freaking gigantic ones available to experiment with.

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