Why You Should Care About the G-Spot


Why You Should Care About The G-Spot

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The most common was for a woman to achieve an orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. This is the easiest and sometimes the fastest way to ensure that a woman will orgasm. However, there is another way and that is a vaginal orgasm through her G spot. The G spot can be a little tricky to find as not all women have it in the same place and they are not all the same size. It is still important you take the time to locate it for the woman’s sake and for yours.

Many women experience a very deep and fairly long lasting orgasm through the G spot. It’s cited to be the most intense form. So if satisfying her is your goal this is the best way to achieve that. In the effort to do so, you have to make sex about her. Make sure she feels comfortable. If you’re not sure just how to find it ask her to shown or guide you. If she’s not familiar with her body to be able to explain it to you, ask her if she’s willing to allow you to use your fingers to search for it. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

The G spot can also lead to a woman experiencing female ejaculation. This occurrence is possible for every woman to achieve. However, not every woman will experience it. Female ejaculation occurs when the female prostate gland secretes a clear, watery fluid at heightened levels of pleasure and stimulation. This is similar to what happens when men ejaculate as the substance is found to have prostate specific antigen or PSA in it. However, female ejaculate does not contain sperm and it doesn’t always have to occur only when she orgasms.

There are many ways to stimulate and please a woman sexually. There should never be a point where mutual pleasure for each partner is not explored. The G spot is a perfect place to bring new life to a sexual relationship and to keep things interesting. It is not only a source of intense pleasure for the woman but it can also be a great way to boost your confidence in knowing how to navigate the female body. However, don’t be discouraged if an orgasm isn’t achieved through G spot stimulation. While it’s certainly possible to have a vaginal orgasm not all women have the same sensitivity in the G spot and some may require longer attention. So make sure you’re checking in with your partner or yourself and be mindful of the way the body is responding. In any case, make the experience about the journey instead of the destination.

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