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Ask A Porn Star: “Anal Sex Tips”

In this episode of Ask A Porn Star we get anal sex tips from Amarna Miller, Piper Perri, Mick Blue, Leya Falcon, Charlotte Sartre, Lily Lane, Kiki Daire, Jasmine Webb, Aubrey Sinclair, Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Jessie Lynne, Bella Doll, Harmony Cage, and Brooklyn Chase.


Openly communicate with your partner. Before you try anything, make sure your partner is up for it. Anal sex is not something that you can surprise your partner with. If you don’t prep for it in advance, it’s going to be very painful. And, you don’t want to hurt your partner and make them be wary of sleeping with you the next time. Remember, consent is everything. So, discuss with your partner that you want to try anal sex, and if you are both game, take it slow and explore together.


A good way to prepare for anal sex is by using anal plugs to stretch your buttonhole days before. You can start with smaller ones at first, and slowly work your way up to bigger anal plugs. What you can also do is play with your anus while you masturbate, so that you can associate anal stimulation with pleasure. Don’t put a dick or dildo right in there. It’s important to warm it up and stretch it slowly.


Have a fiber-rich diet, so that your bowels easily clean out. Some recommend doing an enema before dabbling in anal sex. Now, this post is not about the proper ways of doing an enema, so research more into it. The point is to clear out your bowels before anal sex, so that you don’t accidentally soil your bed or wherever you are doing the naughty. Yes, sometimes stool does come out during anal sex, so you’ve got to be careful.


Some recommend lube, while others suggest a lot of spit. Whatever you do decide to use, make sure that the thing you are inserting in your butt is well lubricated. Anus does not naturally lubricate itself like vagina does, so you have to keep reapplying lubrication on your penis or whatever object you are putting in there.


The person has to be relaxed and turned on by it; otherwise they are not going to enjoy anal sex. One of the ways you can help them relax is take things real slow, and start with fingers or your tongue, before you proceed with things of bigger girth. Urge them to take a deep breath and relax, and make sure whatever you are doing is pleasurable and not painful.

Give Love

Most importantly, don’t treat anus as something that needs to be rammed. Massage it at first, wait for it to stretch, give it love, like you would give love to any other body part of your partner. What makes anal sex pleasurable is going slow at first and gently easing into it.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How to Eat Ass

In this episode of sexplanations, Dr. Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist, talks about how to eat ass.

Step 1 – Ask Your Partner If You Can.
Consent is everything. You might be too eager to pleasure your partner, but’s it’s important to get their permission before you decide to play the rusty trombone.

Step 2 – Get Ready.
Once they have let you give them a rim job, it’s time to get ready. Avoid giving anything bad TO their asshole and getting anything bad FROM their asshole.

Here are the infections you can get from anilingus:
• Gonnorhea
• Chlamydia
• Syphilis
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Gastrointestinal Problems
• Parasites

Crazy, eh? What can you do to reduce the risks of catching a disease from culosex? Check out the 4th step for safety tips, but for now let’s move to…

Step 3 – Set a Time.
The one with the asshole, watch your bowel movements. Monitor what you eat so that you are not sick or gaseous. Shower and wash your whole butt with soap, especially the anus. Don’t go inside, though, and make sure you rinse well. Trim, shave, or wax your pubes if you want to, and then wash again.
The one with the mouth, don’t eat anything spicy if you are going to eat your partner’s anus directly. For hygiene’s sake, clean your mouth. But, to avoid catching anything bad from the anus, you’d rather…

Step 4 – Get Dams!
Acquire some dams for a layer of protection. They reduce the risk of all the bugs mentioned above.
In this video, Lindsey demonstrates three ways to make a quick dam from a condom, a glove, and a non-microwavable cling wrap. Fun times are good, but remember – safety first.

Step 5 – Play.
Play with all sorts of body parts, kissing, massaging, whatever it takes to get your partner aroused beforehand.

Step 6 – Lightly Blow on the Asshole.
Blowing will light up the sensitive spot, as well as waft the smell toward you, so that you can check if you want to proceed.

Step 7 – Add Lube & Put a Dam in Place.
Add enough lube to keep things soft, but not too much so that anus thinks it’s leaking. Lindsey is not opposed to direct mouth to anus contact, but she recommends using a dam for many benefits.

Step 8 – Go Slowly.
Work your way to the anus from the buttocks, from the genitals, inner thighs, etc… You want to feel welcome there and the best way to do that is by approaching with care.

Step 9 – Check In.
Come up for air and ask your partner if they are enjoying themselves, want it deeeper, wetter, and so on. If you are getting just a yes or no answers, chances are they want you to stop talking and get back to business.

Step 10 – Enjoy Yourself.
Whatever sexual act you do with your partner, it should be enjoyable for everyone involved. If you are not into it, be honest. It’s okay for you to stop at any time and it’s okay to let you partner know what you think about eating ass.

Step 11 – Wash Your Mouth And Face Afterward.
Make sure you thoroughly wash your mouth after the act with soap, mouthwash. Brush your teeth, floss. You want to clean your mouth well, before you get back to your partner.

Step 12 – Stay Curious.
Have a longer conversation about what it was like for both of you. Do you want to do it again in the future? If so, what can you do to improve the experience? Open communication – the key to all healthy relationships.


Adina Rivers loves her some booty spanking sex. She wants everyone to share her affection with everyone! She reveals her favorite ways to stimulate that butt during sex. First off, your butt is too tense. Yup, you heard me. Due to the increase of sitting for long periods of time, people’s butts nowadays are in a constant state of clench. Stiff and clenched muscles are not a good thing. You need to be relaxed to have a good orgasm!  The following moves will relax the butt and allow for mind blowing sexy times.

First off, your butt is too tense. Yup, you heard me. Due to the increase of sitting for long periods of time, people’s butts nowadays are in a constant state of clench. Stiff and clenched muscles are not a good thing. You need to be relaxed to have a good orgasm!  The following moves will relax the butt and allow for mind blowing sexytimes.

The first move is called “The Feather”. Move your fingertips in slow, feather-like movements and caress the booty. Next, in a more deliberate move, push two fingers gently between the middle of her cheeks. Adina calls this “The Acupressure”. Glide your hands along her legs until they are right under her bum. Use your “Feather” fingers. Then squeeze hard and pull the cheek upwards. Release “The Squeeze” and let it bounce back into place.

Next, comes “The Spank”. Using your “Feather” fingers, tease her booty by gliding your fingers up and down over the cheeks. Then surprise her with a quick spank. Use your hands to jiggle her booty back and forth, left to right. Jiggle the each cheek independently. This move, unsurprisingly, is called “The Wiggle”.

Adina swears that the more you move your booty, the better your sex life becomes. So get off your butt and exercise!

Can You Get Someone Pregnant From Anal?

Can you get pregnant or get someone else pregnant via anal sex?

The short answer: Yes.

Here are three ways this is possible:

  1. Sperm swims from the anus to the vagina.
  2. There is a hole in the tissue separating the vagina and the rectum.
  3. The rectum is directly connected to the uterus.

Pregnancy traditionally occurs when a penis inserted into the vagina ejaculates sperm there. The egg makes the journey to the egg, which is comparable to you running a marathon. Some sperm, however, are training for the Iron Man. There have been cases of sperm ejaculated onto a person’s underwear or inner thigh has led to a pregnancy. Sperm has been known to swim from the vulva or vaginal opening and into the vaginal canal. They can even swim from the perineum into the vaginal canal. It is unlikely, however, that sperm could swim up and out of the anus, across the perineum and into the vagina. What is more likely is that sperm ejaculated into the anus comes back out and is moved closer to the vulva where it can make its way into the vagina.

Some people are born with direct pathways from the vaginal canal to the rectum. These are called fistulas and there are 2 different types. Recto-vesicular fistulas, wherein the hole is closer to the vaginal opening, and recto-vaginal fistulas, wherein the hole is anywhere along the vaginal canal. You can be born with these fistulas or they can be developed from an injury to the area. Childbirth, Krohn’s disease, cancer and cancer radiation treatment can all injure the area and create fistulas. It is not a likely route to pregnancy, but it is possible.

Birds expel waste from a single hole called the cloaca. This hole is also used for procreation. In comparison, women have 3 separate holes – the urethra for urine, the anus for fecal matter and the vagina for procreation. In some women, these holes fuse together forming a cloaca. In medical terms, it is called a persistent cloaca or anorectal malformation. Upon diagnosis, surgery is performed to separate the cloaca back into the 3 separate passages. There was a case of a woman who had the surgery performed when she was a child. The surgery either wasn’t successful or as she grew the trauma from the surgery created a direct passageway from her rectum to the uterus. She increased her likelihood of getting pregnant by having anal sex and did become pregnant this way.

If you are not wanting a pregnancy to occur, use protection no matter what is being penetrated.

Anal Sex Part 3: Butthole Maintenance

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we have reached part 3 of our 3 part exploration of anal play. We have learned how to prep ourselves and our partner and how to execute the act when trying it out for the first time. Today we will learn about how to maintain a healthy anus.

Maintaining a healthy butthole is important, especially if anal play becomes a regular part of your sexy time routine. You’ll remember the basic anatomy of the anus from the first video: 2 sphincters, the inner controlled by the autonomic nervous system while the outer is yours to clench and unclench as you please.

Step 1 to keeping a clean butthole is to eat healthily. Since the anus is the escape route for digested food, the healthier the food you eat, the healthier the anus will be. Healthy-butt foods include whole grains, beans, veggies and fruit, dried fruit and nuts. Non-healthy-butt foods include dairy, bananas (who knew?), junk food and red meat.

Step 2 is *drumroll please* wash your ass! A bidet attachment for your toilet seat or flushable baby wipes will keep you clean and fresh after every bowel movement. In the shower, all that is needed is a rinse of soap and water. Some people actually use anal douches for a “deep clean”, but it is important to remember that the anus, like the stomach and the mouth, contains healthy bacteria. Douching will remove this bacteria.

If you have watched the entire series of videos and anal play has become a mainstay in your sexytime routine, then invest some time in Step 3: Kegel exercises. A Kegel is a manual tightening and loosening of pelvic muscles. These exercises if performed regularly can maintain tightness in both the vagina and anus.

Step 4 is to drink lots of water! Water intake keeps you from becoming constipated. If you are properly hydrated, your bowel movements should be firm and smooth. If they tend to be hard or painful, your butthole can sustain tearing which can lead to infection. If you notice soreness in your anal area, move onto Step 5: Schedule an appointment. A medical professional will take a peek between your cheeks and make sure everything is ok in there.

Prevent anal tearing by keeping it moisturized. Step 6 recommends a layer of coconut oil rubbed directly on the anus daily which has anti-fungal properties. Anal play, however, requires something more slippery. Dr. Doe recommends investing in a high-quality water or silicone based lube.

Step 7: Wear condoms. Participation in anal play increases the likelihood of this transmission by 30% due to the anus being very absorbent. This partition between the skin (or toy) and the anus will decrease the transmission of sexual diseases.

If you experience anal discomfort, step 8 recommends that you take baths! A 10-20 minute bath per day will soothe irritation and increase circulation to your nether regions. If you aren’t a bath person, even a quick Sitz bath can help ease soreness. Add some baking soda or Epsom’s salt and soak in hip depth water for 5 minutes or so. This combination relieves a number of conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.

Dr. Doe concludes that even if you don’t regularly engage in anal play, it’s still important to take care of your butthole! You only have one!

Find part 1 of this series here and part 2 here

Anal Sex Part 2: How-to

Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part series on anal play. Yesterday we learned how to properly prepare yourself or your partner. Today we will continue with how to proceed with anal sex.

While deciding to try anal sex, schedule a backup plan. There is no reason to rush this experience, so take the pressure off each other and arrange another time to figure things out if the first time is a bust. Decide upon a safeword and choose an insertable item (penis, toy, finger). The item you should be using during your first time should be about the same size of your regular bowel movement. If you took the time to prepare for anal play as described in the first video, you can base the size of your insertable item off this preparation. The goal is to match the feeling of “out” to the feeling of “in” as closely as possible.

Now, wrap it up! Whatever you are using, you need protection. For a penis or a toy, condoms, and for hands, medical gloves or finger dams. This protection not only guards you against contracting diseases, but they smooth the edges of your insertable item. Your anus is a very sensitive organ. This smoothing prevents the anus from focusing on the edges and allows it to focus purely on pleasure.

Next, get into a comfortable position for insertion. For those of you with vaginas, ensure that your position allows for the lube to drift away from the vulva as contact can cause infection. Press the object, unlubed, lightly against the anus and wait for it to pucker. If you start out lubed, the anus will perceive this moisture as leakage and clamp shut. Once given the go ahead, lightly coat the item in high-quality anal lube and press it up against the anus again and wait for it to pucker a second time. Slowly insert the item a short ways inside the anal opening. Allow the anus to adjust to the feeling and then begin moving the item ensuring both partners are relaxed and enjoying themselves.

If you are using a toy, make sure it has a base wider than your anus or a cord you can hold on to so it doesn’t get lost or stuck.

Now, anal doesn’t always require such care and preparation. It is something that can happen spontaneously when you are in the moment. But if you are the type of person who needs some foresight before trying something new, this video is extremely detailed and educational.

Watch the full video here:

Anal Sex Part 1: Preparation

This post begins a three video exploration into the wonders of anal play. The inaugural video in this series is an extremely informative explanation of how to prepare yourself and your partner for anal play.

There are two different types of anal play – inner and outer. If you are diving into the art of inner anal sexy time, you need a basic understanding of how the anus is composed. Inside the anus are two muscular rings called sphincters. The inner ring is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which also controls your breathing and heartbeat. It functions automatically and is usually tightly contracted unless it is loosening for a bowel movement. The outer ring is what you feel when you clench and unclench and is completely controlled by you.

So why are we as humans interested in inserting things into our anuses? Well, just like the genitals, the anus and surrounding area is packed with nerve endings making it extremely sensitive. The anus and gentials share a main nerve, the pudendal nerve to be exact, and can transfer sensations back and forth. The anus is also an easy access to both the male and female prostates. Stimulating the prostate gland from inside the anus can result in orgasm without any other stimulation. Another good thing about anal play is that it is gender and sexual orientation neutral – everyone has an anus! (Almost everyone, deeply sorry if you don’t).

So how does one prepare for beginning anal play? The first thing Dr. Doe recommends you do is to eat whole seeds and watch the toilet for them to reappear. This will help you get acquainted with your body. From this you can gauge how long it takes food to pass through your body. Monitoring the toilet regularly can help you assess the foods you eat in regards to smell and consistency of what you pass. If you are going to participate in anal play, you want this area to be fresh as a daisy.

Dr. Doe recommends running through this checklist before engaging in anal play:

  1. Hepatitis A and HPV vaccinations: Hepatitis is most commonly transmitted through fecal matter entering the mouth; HPV is the virus that initiates vaginal and anal cancers and can be transmitted through anal intercourse.
  2. STI testing results: Anal sex presents the highest risk of transmittal of HIV.
  3. Flushable baby wipes: Quick and easy solution to keeping your butthole fresh and clean on a regular basis.
  4. Invest in a 1 handed lube pump: This prevents contamination from the designated play hand.
  5. Gloves and condoms: Stay Safe! Anal play increases the risk of disease transmittal, so wrap up!
  6. Safe words: “Stop” is pretty self explanatory but it is always a good idea to communicate effectively when it comes to your pleasure.

When you have completed the check list, its time to explore. While cleaning yourself in the shower, feel it out. Get familiar with your situation. If you have longer nails, trim them down before experimenting with penetration. Remember to breathe and only continue as long as it is comfortable for you. Dr. Doe says any uncomfortable feelings should pass after 3 attempts, so attempt away!

Difference Between The Female G Spot And The Male G Spot

Both men and woman have a G Spot. When stimulated, the G Spot on both genders can deliver an intense amount of pleasure during sex. Both can be stimulated in a variety of ways, but first you need to know where to find them.

The female G Spot is found about two inches inside of the vagina along the front of the upper wall. The G Spot area is usually around an inch and feels slightly rougher, thicker, and more ridged than the rest of the vaginal tissue. When stimulate the female G Spot swells and the Skene’s Gland which is located nearby will absorb fluid. G Spot ejaculation occurs when the fluid is expelled from stimulation, a phenomenon known as squirting. The female G Spot can be stimulated by massaging the area.

The male G Spot is the prostate which is located underneath the bladder. The male G Spot can be stimulated from the outside by massaging the skin between his testicles and anus, an area known as the perineum. The male G Spot can also be stimulated internally through penetration of the anus. Anal penetration is the most effective way to stimulate the male G Spot but it can be a bit difficult in the beginning.

Both the female and the male G Spots can lead to ejaculation. However, the big difference is that the ejaculation associated with the female G Spot is not the same as having an orgasm, though it can occur in tandem with an orgasm. While on the other hand, when a male ejaculates from G Spot stimulation, it is the same as having an orgasm.

In both cases though, stimulation of the G Spot can feel fantastic, so it is a great idea to incorporate G Spot stimulation into your sexual repertoire.

Best Sex Toy For Anal Stimulation

Sex toys for anal stimulation can be pleasurable for both men and women. Both can reach orgasm from proper anal stimulation. If you are looking to increase your pleasure, whether you are by yourself or with your partner, you should consider getting a sex toy that heightens anal pleasure.

There is a huge variety of sex toys made just for anal stimulation. The first is a vibrator. Vibrators can be used both externally and internally for anal stimulate. When picking an anal vibrator, look for one that has a soft texture and a variety of speed options. You also want to consider the size of the vibrator for penetration depending on your experience level.

Another great option is a butt plug. Butt plugs are small devices that are inserted anally. They are typically smaller than a dildo and have a flanged edge to prevent the device from going too far into the rectum. There are a variety of ways you can use a butt plug, so just play around with it and see what gives you the most satisfaction.

You can also consider anal beads. Anal beads are inserted one by one and slowly removed one by one. These stimulate the sphincter muscles while being removed which can really heighten your pleasure.

For women, there is also a dual purpose vibrator. Dual purpose vibrators have an attachment that stimulates the anus while the vibrator is being inserted in the vagina. If you are looking for something really advanced, there are vibrators that have both anal and clitoral attachments, so you can stimulate all three areas at once.

Whatever you decide, make sure you also grab lubrication. Lubrication can enhance the ease of use anal sex toys and make anal stimulation more pleasurable, especially for beginners.

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