How To Make Her Orgasm

The female orgasm can happen in a few ways. The most common are vaginally and clitorally. A vaginal orgasm is done by stimulating her g-spot, while a clitoral orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. A vaginal orgasm is the only known way to stimulate squirting. Every woman is capable of squirting. All you need are the right conditions and the right amount of pressure. Here’s how you can bring a woman to a squirting vaginal orgasm:


  1. Make sure your space is clean and romantic. Setting the right atmosphere is important for making her feel comfortable with you. The more comfortable she is the more likely she’ll be able to orgasm.
  2. Have some accessories ready. You may encounter a moment where you need lube or a toy. Having these items readily available will keep the chances of interrupting the moment down.
  3. Focus on her pleasure. Spend time getting her aroused before penetrating her. This can help her relax and bring on a more intense orgasm. Vaginal orgasms can be some of the most intensely felt for women and relaxing those muscles is important for creating the conditions to squirt.
  4. Position her correctly. If it’s the first time attempting a vaginal orgasm have her lie on her back when there’s been sufficient foreplay. In this position it’ll be easier to find her g-spot and she’ll feel most comfortable.
  5. Massage her vagina. Using the flat palm of your hand cup and massage her vagina in small circular motions. Apply light pressure when you’re above her clit. Take some time with your pointer and index finger to rub each of her lips individually. Using one finger slide it across her opening to feel her natural wetness. This is when you can determine whether or not lube is necessary.
  6. Locate the G-spot. Slide one finger inside of her with you palm up. You’ll need go to about 2 inches deep to locate her G-spot on the front of her vaginal wall. It will feel slightly more inflamed than the rest of the skin in the area. Engage this area by rubbing it in a “come here” motion with your finger.
  7. Increase the pressure. Once you’re successfully located the G-spot, you’ll want to start moving your finger back and forth to apply pressure on the G-spot. Unlike the clitoris, the G-spot requires a firm pressure. Make sure you check in with her to see how much pressure she enjoys.


Above all, practice patience. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to orgasm vaginally. So just have fun and enjoy the journey.

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