Best G Spot Stimulation Technique For Squirting Orgasm


Best G Spot Stimulation Technique For Squirting Orgasm

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Squirting has become one of the top discussed and controversial topics in sexual activities. While there is little research done to say anything decidedly about it, we do know that it can and does occur. All women possess the biological ability to squirt but not all of them can. It could be that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to lose her inhibitions or that the area known for producing intense, squirting orgasms isn’t very sensitive. In any case, it’ll be a lot of fun trying. So here are some tips to bring on the waterworks.

As stated earlier comfort is key. She’ll need to feel relaxed with you in order to feel confident in what her body is feeling and doing. Make sure she knows you’re comfortable with her body and be encouraging.

Take time to get her aroused. Don’t move straight for her vagina, get her ready with some foreplay. Pay some attention to her erogenous zones. This will not only help her get aroused but it will help her relax.

Lubricate! The vagina is a highly sensitive area. Make sure that she’s well lubricated before attempting to penetrate it. If she hasn’t naturally lubricated use some lube.

Once she’s ready insert one finger inside her. If she’s lying on her back, you’ll want to have your palm facing up. This top vaginal wall is where you will find her G spot. The G spot is a few inches from the vaginal opening and is about the size of a quarter. You’ll notice that it feels different from the skin around it. If she’s successfully aroused it will probably be swollen.

The G spot will require a firm pressure using a back and forth motion. Start out slow but firm. If she’s comfortable you may want to insert another finger.

As you get a rhythm going, increase the speed. It can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for a woman to orgasm this way so be patient. You can also use your thumb or other hand to stimulate her clit.

As stated before, you won’t get anywhere if the woman isn’t feeling comfortable so try to make sure you create an atmosphere she can relax in. Take you time and be patient with the process. Don’t get so caught up in the goal that you forget to enjoy yourself. If you’re not having fun it’s not likely she will either.

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