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5 Oral Sex Tips

In this episode of CosmoLive, sexpert Ericka Hart gives us top 5 oral sex tips. As you might already know, Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine, famous for the latest sex tips, celebrity news, dating, relationship help, and things of that nature.

Tip #1

You can practice oral sex on a female body using the palm of your hand. Some people like soft tongue, so you can lay your tongue soft against your palm and lick. While others like hard tongue better, in which case you point with your tongue and lick your palm. Basically what you are doing is experimenting with the pressure of your tongue, and the way you are licking. Just make sure you have washed your hands with soap first so that you are not licking off any bacteria. Note that it’s different for everyone, so you just have to ask the person what they like.

Tip #2

When it comes to oral sex on men, the shaft is definitely something to concentrate on, but the head of the penis is where most of the sensitive nerves are hidden. Be sure to focus on the head of the penis when you are giving head. There’s so much more you can do during a blowjob, which Ericka does not mention in this video. Some men like it when you gently cup their balls, while sucking. But, that calls for a whole new post, so for now let’s focus on Cosmopolitan’s advice.

Tip #3

One thing to include, that a lot of people tend to forget, is lube. Yes, saliva is great, but body-safe lubricants, that are preferably not purchased at the drug store (because those kinds mostly contain ingredients that are harmful and can cause infections), are way better. Just do your research and figure out which lube would work best for you; water-based, silicone… Ericka suggests getting lubes at Babeland, and you can also get them online at places such as To get the discount code for the online store, check out Dr. Doe giving tips on how to put a condom on an intact penis.

Tip #4

You do not have to swallow if you do not want to. It is totally up to you. What you can do is store the cum in your mouth and then rinse your mouth in the bathroom. Some people don’t like swallowing because they don’t like the taste, so for that you can brush your teeth or put some toothpaste on your tongue. You can also drink a little bit of flavored liquor afterwards, which is sure to take the taste away.

Tip #5

You might hurt your jaw when giving a blowjob, if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, the chances of your jaw locking are very slim, unless you have a TMJ disorder, or something like that. As you get more experienced with blowjobs, you’ll find positions that work better for your jaw. When asked of the best jaw-friendly positions, Ericka gives us a visual demonstration with a pencil and her hands, so check out the video below.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

How To Eat Out A Vagina LIKE A PRO

YouTube’s star and sex advisor Ashley Elizabeth divulges how to eat out a vagina like a pro. She gives tips for both the person who is receiving the cunnilingus and the person who is giving it. So, stick around for the advice that applies to you, dear reader.

The Receiver

Those of you with vaginas, relax. Just make sure you stay hygienic. Vagina itself self-cleans, but your vulva does not. So clean out your vulva with water or wipes that are safe to use down there. Once you get turned on, vaginas smell like sex. So, don’t be self-conscious about your pussy. The smell of sex is aphrodisiac. As long as it is a good relationship, your partner will be turned on to see you aroused.

Also, make sure you are masturbating. Get comfortable with playing with yourself to learn what you like and don’t like. Get acquainted with the anatomy down there. The better you know your body, the better you know what you enjoy. Then, when your partner is going down on you, you can guide them and let them know of your sweet spots and preferences.

The Giver

Be mindful of your stubble, if you have one. It takes around ten days for a beard to reach the level where it’s soft to the touch. Unshaved face irritates skin, and especially her privates. The best advice is to either grow your beard or keep shaving. Short facial hair hurts, and you don’t want to be giving rub burns to your woman now, would you?

Be enthusiastic. Show your partner that you are enjoying the process. A lot of women are sensitive about their vaginas, so it’s important to tell them how sexy it is and how excited you are to be eating them out. You can also say things like how good they taste and smell. Never make it look like you are doing this person a favor. You should be into it just like they should be into going down on you. It should be something that’s exciting, not a chore. You do it when you want to.

Communicate. This key point can never be stressed enough in any form of relationship. Make sure you are openly communicating about your desires. Don’t assume you know exactly what this person wants, because vaginas are different and everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Generally, it’s good to start with stimulating clitoris, but ask if you are not sure. Don’t shut down when they guide you, even if you have not asked for it. You want them telling you what they want, so that you can better understand their body and bring them to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Speaking of which, if you want them to climax, be consistent. Pay attention to her body language and vocal cues. If she is moaning and writhing in pleasure, don’t stop and don’t switch it up. Keep doing what you were doing, because if you have her moaning, clearly your techniques are working, and you ARE a pro.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

7 Exercises for an Empowered Penis

Men tend to empower themselves and gain confidence through their sexual prowess. Certain things, like lasting longer in bed, having more erections and ejaculating more, make men feel better about themselves. Here are 7 ways you can empower yourself and your penis.

#1 Physical and Emotional Health

Good health is the foundation of a good penis. If you are unhealthy, your sex drive will severely diminish. In fact, a low sex drive is a symptom of many different illnesses. Cut out processed foods and stick to fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water and exercise daily. Do breathing exercises to connect your body with your mind. Try to relax. High levels of stress can lead to erectile dysfunction.

#2 Increase the Size and Sensibility of Your Penis

There is a concept that has been used in Eastern cultures for centuries. The men who have tried it claim that they have been able to increase the length and girth of their penises. As you know when blood flow is increased to the penis, an erection occurs. There are 2 chambers on the outer sides of the penis called the corpora cavernosa and 1 in the center on the penis called the corpora spongiosum. The length and girth are decided by the corpora cavernosa. Since erections are just an engorgement of blood in the genitals, by increasing the area to which the blood flows you can increase the size of the penis. There are specific herbs and exercises Adina recommends, both of which are secrets she only reveals during her Penis Magic course.

#3 Testicle Massage

Massaging the testicles helps to release more testosterone. It will also strengthen your erections, increase seminal fluids and increase your sexual energy. Adina again has secret exercises she won’t reveal but encourages you to experiment with whatever feels comfortable.

#4 Masturbate Less Frequently

Frequent masturbation is notorious for desensitizing the penis. For men over 30, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain an erection without the exact sensations provided during masturbation. During masturbation, you tend to have more intense orgasms. This may ruin the experience you share with your partner. Adina recommends masturbating only for stimulation and do not let yourself reach orgasm. This will increase your sexual energy and help to reduce the desensitization.

#5 Increase Your Sexual Power

Ginger helps to increase blood flow throughout the whole body, including the penis. Other interesting herbal supplements are Palmetto, Yohimbe, maca, and ginseng. All of these expand the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow to the corpora cavernosa which can increase penis size. In addition, limit coffee, cigarette and sugar intake.

#6 Increase Your Staying Power

In the bedroom, nothing is more disappointing than not being able to achieve or maintain an erection. Having an orgasm too quickly is also frustrating. If you feel you are coming too quickly, use your left hand and place the index finger and thumb around the base of the shaft. Apply pressure with the index finger on the underside of the penis. With the right hand, use the index finger and thumb to gently squeeze the tip of the penis 36 times.

#7 Make Your Semen Better

To most women, the color, smell, and taste of a man’s semen is important. Semen should be thick and white with a mild odor and taste. But if your semen is gray or yellow, bitter or salty with a foul odor, or clear and watery – these are all signs of ill health. Healthy diet and exercise are key to healthy semen. You can make your semen taste better by eating cinnamon, pineapple or licorice root. Avoid dairy, processed foods and refined sugars. Increase the quantity of your semen by masturbating for stimulation purposes and not reaching orgasm.

Cunnilingus with Dr. Doe

Dr. Doe is here again to clearly and concisely explain the do’s and don’t’s of cunnilingus.

The word cunnilingus is derived from two Latin words. Cunnus, for vulva and lingua, for tongue or licking. Dr. Doe’s first don’t – DON’T BITE. Let your tongue do what your hands would do. (Some people like teeth, but that has to be negotiated. Do not surprise someone by biting them).

Do: prep the mouth and vulva. Vulva prep involves getting tested for STI’s, cleaning yourself and shaving. Mouth prep involves checking for cold sores or chapped lips, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth.

Do: protect yourself. Infections, like herpes, yeast, gonorrhea, HPV, and syphilis can be passed from mouth to vulva and vice versa. Dams are a great way to prevent the transfer of diseases.

If you are going to go shieldless, do a taste test. Taste or smell before fully committing. Don’t assume no one is going to like your taste or smell.

Do: moisturize. It’s going to be most pleasurable if both the tongue and the surface it touches are both moist and slippery. Don’t spit or slobber. There is such a thing as “too wet” and it’s unpleasant.

Do: breathe. Don’t: blow into the vagina.

Do: teach each other things. Don’t: assume you know everything about someone else’s pleasure. Use your words, communicate and ask questions.

Don’t: bombard the clit. It’s not about finding the magic spot and rubbing it into submission. The clit is very sensitive and can become sore if manipulated too much. Do: use your hands. massage, caress, wander to the back, breasts, thighs, face, butt. Don’t punch, slap, poke, or pinch.

Don’t be insistent on penetration. The Big O can be achieved without entering the vagina.

Do: try new positions. Don’t: let gravity bring anal fluid into the vulva.

Do: involve other erogenous areas (with permission). Treat cunnilingus as its own sexual act. Don’t: use it as a means to penetrative sex. Sometimes it’s nice for cunnilingus to be the star of the show.

Do: communicate what feels good and how you want to be touched. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don’t like.

Enjoy yourself but don’t expect an orgasm. Rest if you need to and don’t tire yourself out.

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