6 Holistic Penis Enlargement Tips

For most men, their penis is one of the most important things in their life. Adina has received many emails from men asking her how to enlarge their manhood. Because of these emails, Adina has put together 6 holistic tips for penis enlargement.
She prefaces these tips with some thoughts about penis size. A large penis is not an indicator of an amazing lover. It is much more important for a woman to be comfortable during sex. The angle at which you have to look at your own penis makes it seem smaller than it actually is. Porn has a negative impact on male confidence and self-esteem. Many men think a big penis means great sex. This is due to the majority of the population lacking a proper sexual education.
Adina’s first holistic growth tip involves growing the confidence of your penis. Subconsciously, women want to be with confident men. Being with a confident man will make her feel safe. The safer she feels, the more she will be able to relax. This will make your sexual experience together magic.
The second holistic growth tip is to grow your penis through personal growth. Sex is not only about penises and vaginas. You have sex with a whole person; body, mind, and soul. The deeper and wiser your whole persona becomes, the bigger energy-wise your penis will become. Her third tip is to grow your sexual experience. Get to know more about your sexuality and that of your partner. Learn about the male and female bodies. The more you know, the bigger your penis will metaphorically be.
Grow the stamina of your penis. Adina recommends putting this on the top of your priority list. The lasting power of your penis is much more important to a woman than the size. Tip number five – grow the consciousness of your penis. It is important for a woman to be with a man who honors her. A woman needs someone who looks at her with stars in his eyes. Your partner will not even think about penis size if she feels you are present and competent.
The final tip is to grow your penis by finding the right conscious partner. In the words of Frida Kahlo, “take a lover that looks at you like maybe you are magic”. Great sex is not achieved by having a big penis or a tight vagina. Great sex is created through open-heartedness, positive energy and effective communication.
Yes – Adina realizes these are not the tips you thought you were going to hear. But, these are the tips that you needed to hear.

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