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Can All Women Squirt When They Orgasm?

Squirting Orgasm

There’s a lot of mystery that surrounds squirting for both men and women. All too often, people believe that squirting is something left to adult films, and it’s not really something achievable in reality and a real-bedroom sex life. The truth couldn’t be further from this, and the truth of the matter is that when asking “Can all women squirt when the orgasm?” the answer is a resounding yes. While real-life squirting is going to be somewhat less dramatic than what you may have seen in adult films, it’s a very real thing and there’s science to back it up. 

It All Starts In The G Spot 

Women have two distinct separate orgasm centers – the clitoris and the G spot. The clitoris is where most orgasms come from, and located on the outside of the body, it’s the easier orgasm center to find. Many women believe that they can only orgasm from the clitoris, but this isn’t actually the case. The G spot is quite a bit more difficult to locate, being inside the body, but this is an erogenous zone well worth seeking out. 

When the clitoris is stimulated, a woman may experience a strong and satisfying orgasm, but it won’t be a squirting orgasm with clitoral stimulation alone. When the G spot is stimulated, however, the orgasm is much different and many find it’s far more powerful. It’s from the G spot that a woman will experience those entire body quaking and earth shattering orgasms, those of which can come along with the potential to squirt. 

According to scientists, who believe they have finally got to the bottom of the female squirting orgasm, the fluid comes from the Skene Gland. Located by the urethra, the Skene Gland is thought to fill with fluid when the G spot is properly stimulated to climax, and it’s this fluid that is then released upon a G spot orgasm. This fluid release isn’t going to produce waves of ejaculate across the room, like what is often seen in adult films, but just a tablespoon or so of fluid that comes from the body with some force. 

Locating The G Spot 

In order to bring on a squirting orgasm, the G spot must first be located. If you have your partner lie on their back and insert a finger into the vagina with your palm up, you should be able to feel the G spot around 2 inches inside. It’s located on the anterior wall of the vagina, and it should feel a bit like a squishy or spongy area around the size and shape of a walnut. This region can be stroked or massaged, stimulated in varying speeds, and touched with different levels of friction – every woman will have different preferences when it comes to G spot stimulation. With open communication and a relaxing environment, any woman has the potential to have a sex life changing G spot orgasm. 

As she reaches closer and closer to climax, she might start to feel some pressure down there that resembles the urge to urinate. This could lead her to telling you to stop the stimulation, and it can pull her out of her orgasm space. It’s important to know that this is completely normal, and it’s actually a sign that there is a squirting orgasm on the horizon. Rather than holding back when this sensation occurs, she should be encouraged to release the pressure and go with the feeling, as it will release the fluid in the Skene Gland through the urethra and bring about a squirting orgasm. 

SQUIRTING 101 | Introduction to Squirting Orgasms

Whether you are a newcomer to the squirting scene or a long time fan, this video is extremely informative. Laci Green simplifies squirting through anatomical explanations.

So..what the hell is it? Laci first points out that there is a difference between female ejaculation and squirting. Female ejaculation is the normal wetness that occurs before, during and after coitus and is usually only comprised of one or two teaspoons of fluid. Squirting is the sudden expulsion of A LOT more liquid; ranging somewhere between 1 – 8 cups of fluid.

Why does squirting happen and where is this fluid coming from? Here, Laci whips out a vagina she made out of playdough in grade 4 to explain the female anatomy. The clitoris, Laci explains, is the orgasm button at the top peeking out from it’s little hood. That little peek, however, is the only part of the clitoris we can see. It actually extends inside the body, wrapping itself around both the urethra and vagina. The place where all these glorious organs meet, is called the G-spot. The scientific community, who spent thousands on a fancy education and are now studying squirting, believe that it is the stimulation of the G-spot that initiates a squirting response. That is why G-spot stimulation feels good, but also a little bit like you have to pee.

You see, there are tiny squiggly things called Skene’s glands that surround the urethra. With enough stimulation, these glands can produce and expel liquid through two tiny openings on either side of the urethra. This fluid is somewhat like a mixture of male ejaculate and pee. A recent study showed that while the women being studied were being turned on, their bladders started filling up and post-squirt, et voila! They were empty!

Squirting is one of the most commonly searched terms on major porn sites. Laci has some ideas as to why squirting is so enticing. First of all, it feels good, and people like things that feel good! Secondly, its much more tangible than a clitoral orgasm. It is a visual confirmation that whatever you just did, you did a goooood job.

Let’s talk facts: Although it seems like some elusive mermaid, 40% of women admit to squirting at some point in their life. It is usually unexpected and a little bit surprising. But here’s the deal. Squirting is natural. Not being able to is natural. Not everyone can squirt. If you can’t do it, that is nothing to be ashamed of. If you squirt all the time, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone achieves orgasm and feels pleasure the same way. Laci recommends clear communication with your sexual partner(s) to ensure complete comfortability on this topic.

Watch the full video here and absorb some wet, wet, wisdom.

The Key To Squirting

Squirting is an incredible experience for both you and your partner. However, with the controversy that surrounds it she may need some encouragement to relax enough to let it happen. This is the most important key to getting her to squirt. You can have every tip in the book but if she tenses up at a critical moment it won’t work. It all really boils down to locating her G-spot and communication.


Combat Misconception

Sexologists and scientists are still unsure of all the details of squirting though they do agree on the major elements and players. When experts can’t agree there’s sure to be some misinformation mixed in with fact among the general population. The most common is that squirting is caused by urine. This isn’t true but she may have that in her head when you present her with the idea. You’ll need to reassure her that she is not in fact peeing and that when she does feel that sensation as she prepares to squirt she should relax into it and let it happen.


Be Patient

Squirting my look like it takes a matter of minutes in videos but that woman has probably had some practice with it. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to squirt. Make sure you take your time getting her aroused through verbal and physical stimulation. Find out what she likes and what she dislikes to avoid interrupting the mood. It seems counterintuitive but focus on her rather than the destination. Staying in the moment will make it much more enjoyable for you as well.


Work The G-Spot

Squirting is done by stimulating the G-spot into a vaginal orgasm. Once she feels comfortable with what she is about to experience she’ll be in for a very intense orgasm. The G-spot is most easily located when she is lying on your back. You’ll slide a well lubricated finger into her vaginal canal with you palm up. You’ll need to go about 2 inches deep on the front of the vaginal canal to feel for an inflamed area. This is the target. The G-spot requires a considerable amount of pressure to stimulate into an orgasm. Again, you’ll want to communicate with your partner to know what amount she needs.

Communication is critical to making sure she achieves a squirting orgasm. Make sure you do it before, during, and after. She may be coy about it at first but reassure her it’s for her pleasure.

Stimulating For A Squirting Orgasm

Giving your woman a squirting orgasm will take a little stimulation finesse, but once you get down what she likes, you’ll find that squirting orgasms are pretty simple to achieve and really fun to explore. The real secret behind stimulating for a squirting orgasm is actually that there is no secret, and every woman will enjoy and require different stimulation in order to bring her to this type of intense and incredible climax. There are, however, ways that you can explore different sorts of stimulation and determine just what works for her.

The one thing that is universal for squirting orgasms is a need for relaxation, and a woman isn’t going to climax if she isn’t relaxed enough to do so. When it comes to squirting, women may be feeling a bit self-conscious and worried about the new sensation and making a mess,  so it can really work in your favor to ensure her that you’re prepared for the result and that there’s no pressure to perform; just enjoy each other and have a bit if fun. Once she gets comfortable with the experience and communicating what she likes, you’ll find that things get much easier pretty quickly.

First, when starting out in G spot stimulation for a squirting orgasm, go slowly and make sure your nails are freshly well-manicured. When the sensation is new and it’s mixed in with the feeling of nails, no woman is like to respond very positively! Start rubbing the G spot in a “come hither” motion slowly and lightly, and only add to the speed or pressure when her vocal or body language tells you it’s what she wants. G spot stimulation is a different sort of sensation when compared to clitoral stimulation or other sorts of stimulation she’s more used to, so it’s best to feel out what she likes before going all-in.

Some women may find that the more comfortable they grow with G spot stimulation, the more intense the enjoy it, while others stay light and slow, and even more like a bit of both depending on where they are on their quest to orgasm or what they’re in the mood for on any particular day. The best way to stimulate for a squirting orgasm is simply to listen, and take into account both her verbal and physical cues that tell you just how to get the job done.

Shake Up Your Sex Life With Squirting


It’s natural to sometimes feel like your sex life has gotten a little predictable but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Small changes to the process can have a dramatic effect. Squirting may look complicated but it’s really just a small adjustment to what you already know how to do. As with any skill it may take some practice but that’s only part of what makes it great.


Talk It Out

You’re always communicating during sex whether that is physically or verbally. If you’re used to being quiet the squirting technique is going to help you come out of your shell a bit. Open communication is an essential part of making a woman squirt. For instance, you’ll need to know how much pressure she likes and be able to reassure her that you’re looking forward to making her orgasm in this way.


Locate The G-Spot

There is some debate about whether the G-spot really exists. It does but some women aren’t as sensitive as others in that area. This is why is essential to communicate with her about what she needs to orgasm. The G-spot can be located by having her lie on her back. You want to insert one well lubricated finger as deep as your second knuckle or about 2 inches. With your palm facing up scan the front of her vaginal wall using a “come here” motion with your finger. You’ll notice an area that is more inflamed than the rest of the skin. That is the G spot. Use your finger to pump back and forth while slowly increasing the pressure until she let’s you know how she likes it. At this point you can add another finger if she’s comfortable.


Keep At It

Once you know the location and the pressure needed to apply to the G-spot keep at it. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to orgasm this way but it will be the most intense form. It’s definitely worth it. If there’s any trouble stimulating the G-spot try introducing a toy and/or rub her clit to raise her arousal.


Introducing squirting is a great way to amp up your sex life. You’ll want to begin to explore new ways to make her squirt using different toys and positions. You can take it as far as you and your partner want to go. Just remember to make it about the journey.


Sex Positions That Bring Squirting Orgasms

Once you know where the G spot is, and just how to stimulate it to bring about squirting orgasms, you can start getting a little creative with your squirting experiences. Manual and toy stimulation aren’t the only ways to achieve a squirting orgasm, and a few sex positions can actually really knock it out of the pleasure park while creating a whole new sensation for the both of you. 3 sex positions that encourage squirting are:

  1. Girl on top – The way you’ll be positioned inside her while she is on top is perfect for G spot stimulation and female ejaculation. As she leans slightly back, you’ll be rubbing on her frontal vaginal wall, making constant contact that she can control in terms of speed, roughness, and depth. For rougher stimulation, she can lean back further, and better expose her G spot to you as she rocks back and forth or up and down.
  2. Lay down doggy style – Rather than being on hands and knees, have her lay down on her stomach with legs spread apart only enough to allow you to enter her from behind. In this position, the vaginal walls are held tightly together, making steady G spot friction a simple part of the sexual experience. This position may make her more comfortable as well, as she will feel less exposed and more intimately connected with you.
  3. Missionary – Don’t discount missionary when it comes to powerful squirt inducing sexual positions! By propping up her behind with a few pillows and having her lay with her feet flat on the bed and knees bent, she’ll be in the perfect position to make ideal G spot contact from the second you enter her. For a more intense sensation, she can pull her legs up higher and spread them wider to change how she is being stimulated.

When you play around a little with G spot stimulation and squirting, a whole new world opens up in terms of sexual experiences. Get comfortable with toys and fingers first, then you’re ready to move on to different sex positions that allow you to experience a squirting orgasm from the inside, while she gets to explore a whole new angle of intimacy and fun. While these are just a few of the sex positions perfect for encouraging squirting, you’ll soon find that you both have much to enjoy and explore!

Setting The Mood For A Squirting Orgasm

The only way your first squirting orgasm is a difficult one is if there is stress involved. With all new experiences and forms of stimulation, stress or nerves can make their way into the equation whether they’re wanted or not, but you can set the mood for a squirting orgasm by taking this into consideration. In order to squirt, she has to be completely relaxed, and a few relaxation tips can make the experience better for you both.

Some things to try to set the mood for a squirting orgasm are:

  • Talk about it first – With a partner you’re comfortable with, this shouldn’t be as awkward as it sounds, and it can really make all the difference in terms of personal comfort. This conversation should encompass forms of open communication, physical cues to look for during the act, and ways to alleviate her concerns about making a mess or becoming self-conscious. This talk can really set her mind at ease, and give her a little personal ammunition she can use to tear down any nervous or self-conscious thoughts that peek through while she’s trying to enjoy the moment.
  • Start with a massage – A relaxing massage can wash away all the normal stresses of the day, and release the tension in her body that could be built up without her knowing it. Starting with a massage will also help you to feel closer to each other, and up the level of intimacy you’re feeling with an incredible bit of foreplay.
  • Communicate with her – During the act, don’t leave all the talk up to her; incorporate communication of your own to help her to feel at ease. Reassure her that the result won’t be messy or anything to feel self-conscious about, and that you want it just as badly as she does. Also, however, if she isn’t in the mood to talk at the moment, listen to her physical cues and keep it quiet while she’s trying to focus!


Setting the mood for a squirting orgasm should be a relaxing and open experience for you both, as you release the stress of the day and build up anticipation for what’s to come. It’s also important to note that it may not happen the first time, or the second time, or even the third until some good exploration of her body has been done, and neither of you should feel discouraged if it takes a little more practice!

Setting The Scene For Squirting

Squirting can be incredibly sexy. For your partner it signifies an intense orgasm. In videos it appears to happen relatively quickly but in reality it can take up to 30 minutes for a woman to squirt. When you want to attempt to make a woman squirt you’re going to need to be prepared even if she’s experienced it before. Here are a few helpful tips to be ready for the gush.

  • Communicate with her: She’ll need to feel relaxed and comfortable with the knowledge that you both want her to squirt. Make sure she’s aware that squirting will initially feel like she has to use the restroom but she isn’t going to pee.
  • Clean up: A large part of being comfortable has to do with being in a clean environment. Provide a space where she doesn’t have to think about anything but you and the pleasure you’re giving her.
  • Set the scene: Turn on some soft music and light some candles if you feel romantically inclined. This will set the mood and help her feel relaxed.
  • Have towels close at hand: If it will make her feel more comfortable lay them under her in preparation for the fluid that will come from her. If it’s something that you would simply prefer to do make sure you let her know before. If you’re in bed as opposed to a couch have fresh sheets ready so no one has to sleep in the wet spot.
  • Make sure lube is available: It’s important that her vagina be properly lubricated during penetration. It is normal for a woman’s natural lubrication to occasionally need some assistance. Have a lube that works for both of you close by. You can also use natural oils such as olive oil. Saliva does work but it’s not as long lasting as the other methods of lubrication.
  • Consider using toys: There are toys available that specifically target the G-spot. Speak with her first to make sure she’s comfortable using one. Place it within easy reach if you do plan to utilize it.

Squirting is an incredible way to give a woman an orgasm and an unforgettable experience for the both of you. It’s best to alleviate any concerns upfront so that the focus can be squarely on the process instead of having to deal with minor interruptions. Being prepared will set you both at ease.

Is Squirting Actually Real?

Squirting can be a pretty contested topic, with some believing it’s a real thing, and other’s claiming it’s simply a show with liquid produced from the bladder. What we can say definitively on the topic is that not only is squirting a real thing, but it’s something that nearly every woman is capable of. With practice and finesse, any man can make his woman squirt, and all it really takes is a relaxed environment and a little fun experimentation.

First, let’s get to the bottom of what squirting is, what it isn’t, and how it’s produced. The naysayers will claim that the fluid that comes from a woman when she squirts is urine, but this isn’t the case. Yes, both ejaculate and urine come from the same opening, but they’re actually comprised of different materials. The liquid that is emitted when a female ejaculates actually comes from a tiny gland near the urethra called the Skene Gland, which fills with fluid when stimulated, and releases upon climax. Urine comes from the bladder, and women who have emptied their bladder immediately before having their Skene Gland stimulated are still able to squirt.

Stimulating the Skene Gland to lead a woman to a squirting orgasm is actually pretty easy, and all it takes is a bit of play using fingers or a toy. Some toys are designed with squirt encouraging stimulation in mind, and have special components in just the right places to perform comfortable and effective touch. The issue with toys, however, is that it doesn’t provide as much variety or a good roadmap to the location of the Skene Gland for beginners, so those just learning about squirting should probably stick to manual stimulation first.

When manually stimulating the Skene Gland to bring a woman to a squirting orgasm, first make sure she’s completely relaxed. Feeling uncomfortable or tensing up will disallow the correct buildup to achieve a squirt, so in order for climax to be reached, leave yourself open to comfortable communication and create a relaxing atmosphere. The sensation of Skene Gland stimulation can also cause some discomfort at first, so getting relaxed enough with it to achieve orgasm could take a few tries; don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen on the first, second, or even third time. The simplest way to learn definitively if squirting is real or not is to have some fun and try it for yourself!

How To Stimulate Squirting

If you watch porn you may have noticed a new trend. In the scene a woman is orgasming and the camera moves in to show her moaning while gushing fluid from her pussy. This is squirting or sometimes referred to as female ejaculation. Though it may be trending, it isn’t new. Women have been squirting for centuries. However, the controversy around the action has kept it pretty quiet in mainstream society. While doctors debate about the specifics of squirting, people are finding out that it’s really fun to experience. You may be thinking it’s some special trick that only talented porn stars know but in reality all it takes is a little knowledge and some concentrated effort. Here are a couple tips to getting those juices flowing.


Get Comfortable

The beauty of video is that it can be edited so while it may only seem to take your favorite porn star a few minutes to squirt, some women can take up to 30 minutes. You’ll want to make sure she’s in a comfortable position lying on her back. Make sure she knows what you intend to achieve and that you’re excited about making it happen. If she’s not sure you’re into it she may tense up at the moment of orgasm. This will kill any hope of her squirting. She may feel like she has to pee as she gets closer to the big gush. It’s supposed to feel that way but it is not pee. It’s everything you’ve both been waiting for. Let it flow.


Hit The Spot

It’s not a myth. The G-spot absolutely exists and you need to hit it with gusto. Squirting happens when the G-spot and prostate like glands called Skene’s glands are stimulated so dive in. The g-spot is located about two knuckles deep on the front wall of the vaginal canal. Unlike the clit, it requires vigorous stimulation and pressure. Try searching for it with your fingers first. When she’s aroused it will feel pretty distinct and usually inflamed. Using one finger to start, make the “come here” motion against the spot and increase the pressure. Make sure you’ve got some lube handy if she’s not already naturally wet.

That’s really all there is to it. Communicate your intentions, make sure she’s comfortable, then hit that spot. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t squirt though, the fun is in the attempt. The more relaxed you are, the more comfortable she’ll be.