Setting The Scene For Squirting

Squirting can be incredibly sexy. For your partner it signifies an intense orgasm. In videos it appears to happen relatively quickly but in reality it can take up to 30 minutes for a woman to squirt. When you want to attempt to make a woman squirt you’re going to need to be prepared even if she’s experienced it before. Here are a few helpful tips to be ready for the gush.

  • Communicate with her: She’ll need to feel relaxed and comfortable with the knowledge that you both want her to squirt. Make sure she’s aware that squirting will initially feel like she has to use the restroom but she isn’t going to pee.
  • Clean up: A large part of being comfortable has to do with being in a clean environment. Provide a space where she doesn’t have to think about anything but you and the pleasure you’re giving her.
  • Set the scene: Turn on some soft music and light some candles if you feel romantically inclined. This will set the mood and help her feel relaxed.
  • Have towels close at hand: If it will make her feel more comfortable lay them under her in preparation for the fluid that will come from her. If it’s something that you would simply prefer to do make sure you let her know before. If you’re in bed as opposed to a couch have fresh sheets ready so no one has to sleep in the wet spot.
  • Make sure lube is available: It’s important that her vagina be properly lubricated during penetration. It is normal for a woman’s natural lubrication to occasionally need some assistance. Have a lube that works for both of you close by. You can also use natural oils such as olive oil. Saliva does work but it’s not as long lasting as the other methods of lubrication.
  • Consider using toys: There are toys available that specifically target the G-spot. Speak with her first to make sure she’s comfortable using one. Place it within easy reach if you do plan to utilize it.

Squirting is an incredible way to give a woman an orgasm and an unforgettable experience for the both of you. It’s best to alleviate any concerns upfront so that the focus can be squarely on the process instead of having to deal with minor interruptions. Being prepared will set you both at ease.

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