Is It Squirting Or Is It Pee?

The most common question about squirting is this one – is it an actual ejaculation, or is it pee? The fluid that comes from a woman when she has a squirting orgasm is a contested topic, and it’s time to get to the bottom of it once and for all. While both urine and ejaculate come from the same place, they’re actually two very different liquids, and two liquids that originate from very different places within the body.

Urine is an excrement that is created by filtering fluids through the kidneys and sending the filtered out portion to the bladder to be urinated out through the urethra. Female ejaculation, however, is created in the Skene Gland, which while close to the urethra has no connection with the bladder. While a woman has a squirting orgasm some urine may come out if she hasn’t cleared out her bladder first, but the bulk of the fluid is actually this buildup created within the gland and released upon climax. The composition of the ejaculate is made from sucrose, glucose, and prostatic acid.

Studies have been done on female ejaculation to determine once and for all if the fluid is urine or not, and what scientists at the Journal of Sexual Medicine found out is pretty interesting. An enzyme was discovered in female ejaculate called prostatic-specific antigen, and this enzyme is only found in the Skene Gland in women, proving that the fluid is actually the result of G spot to Skene Gland stimulation and subsequent buildup. This same enzyme is found in the prostate of men, also proving that the Skene Gland is the female version of the male prostate.

The “is it squirting or is it pee?” argument can also make women pretty uncomfortable with squirting, so the actual composition of the fluid is something that may be pretty important for women to know. With the knowledge of what female ejaculate actually is, your partner may feel more relaxed about getting to know her own ability to squirt, and to try it out knowing that it’s a natural fluid that is a response to positive touch. If she still feels uncomfortable or questions her ability to squirt, having her urinate and clear her bladder first can put her mind at ease that the expulsion of fluid she is experiencing is not coming from the bladder, but from a small gland that loves a bit of attention!

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