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Top 10 Sex Toys For Couples

Are you curious about great toys for couples? There are so many of them out there, it might be difficult for you to pick one. But, worry not. In this video of Bedroom Sports we find out about top 10 sex toys for couples. They might not be for everyone, but they are worth checking out.

Spicy Dice

For those of you that are a little shy, this toy is great to get things rolling. It comes with three different dice, one with the location, one with the action, and one with the body part. Simply roll a dice and follow the instructions.

Amazing Hot Heart Massager

Who does not like a massage? This one is a heat pack that can be used for massaging your partner or even your own sore muscles. Oh, and hey, it can actually be great for her menstrual cramps too, so it should make a sweet little gift for her.

Jo Couples Gift Set

This one comes with elixirs, stimulants, lubricants and all-in-one massage glide. You can literally spend hours trying all the different liquids, and might make a great present for the newly wed.

Fifty Shades of Grey Beginners Bondage Kit

If you want to get a little kinky, try this item. This one comes with four restrains, a blindfold, and a spanking paddle. Just make sure your partner is into this type of play before you decide to purchase it.

Eve’s Vibrating Panties

Its name is self-explanatory. They are panties that vibrate. Cool, eh? They come with a wireless remote control, so you can take them anywhere and have a field day with it… except maybe the airport.

Frisky Fingers

This is a bullet vibe with a silicone case. It has the perfect texture and vibrations for clitoral stimulation. Check out this post for more information on that.

Apollo 7 Cockring

The ring provides great stimulation for him. And, it also has a bullet vibe attached to it for her clitoris, so that both of you can get more out of your steamy intercourse.

Clit Tickler Penis Extender Black

This one has a vibrating pressure-sensitive head, which adds an inch of length, and a removable bullet vibe for extra clitoral stimulation. It’s quite an intricate piece, but seems like a fun thing to try.

Rock Chick

This is one of the best dual G-spot and clitoral toys out there. It’s silent and hands-free, and the silicone is 100% phthalate free and non-toxic.

Bodywand Aqua

This toy has multiple speed and vibration settings. And, as you might have already guessed from its name, it’s water-proof. It’s not recommended to use in a bath, but it makes a fun toy in showers.

Follow the YouTube link below if you wish to purchase any of these.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

Sex Toys For Beginners…

Interested in sex toys for beginners? Well then, check out this episode of ThinkTank, where America’s famous sexpert Emily Morse introduces fun items for couples and individuals.

Aware of Emily’s celebrity status, I was very curious to find out what she had to say about this topic. I mean, she has been a relationship and sex therapist for over a decade and has appeared on numerous networks, including NBC, CBS, ABC, HLN!!!

She recommends starting with small toys such as bullet vibes. You can find those on her website. Her online store carries a lot of fun stuff, ranging all the way from lubricants, vibrators, etc., to wigs, lingerie, and even sex position cushions. It’s like a candy shop for those interested in enriching their bedroom with sex paraphernalia.

The first sex toy Emily shows Hannah Cranston, the host of ThinkTank, is – Womanizer by Epi24. This clitoral stimulator uses pleasure air technology, mimicking the sensations of cunnilingus. In their studies, women were able to orgasm in 60 seconds thanks to the Womanizer’s “gentle kisses”!!! Wild, eh? Might be a fun gift for your partner!

The next item she shows us is the Mystic Wand by Vibratex. This orgasm machine has eight different vibration patterns and various speed settings. It can also be used as a massager for your body… her nipples… his back. Like every other sex toy Emily recommends, the Mystic Wand is phthalate free and made of body safe materials.

Speaking of which, fun times are good, but remember – safety first. It’s important to do your research before you start experimenting with sex toys. Currently, there are no regulations in sex toy industry, and some sex toys are made of materials that can harm your health. So, do your homework.

Then, Emily pulls out a tickler, giving ideas for the bedroom games. It gets a bit fifty-shades-of-grey with mentions of slapping and spanking, but who does not love a little excitement in their bedroom?

“If you like toys or require toys to get turned on, that’s totally fine”, she says. Those of you, worried about sex toys replacing you, know that Toys ENHANCE your relationship. You don’t have to worry about losing your partner to a machine that does not talk and cuddle, okay?

How do you bring up the topic of sex toys to your partner, though? “Timing and tone”, says Emily. Find the right place and time to talk about it. Show them beforehand, let them test it. Keep it light and fun. That’s the whole point of it! Communicate with each other and have fun getting your feet (and other parts) wet!

DIY Dildos with Dr. Doe

If you don’t already know, dildos are those penis shaped objects used for sexual pleasure. They date back thousands of years – the human race has been self-pleasuring for a long time! In the past, people have made DIY dildos out of wood, bone, silver, animal horns, and leather.

Dr. Doe has some new, easy ways to make dildos out of stuff you have around your house. Some household objects that are commonly used as dildos are pens, a screwdriver handle, kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, markers, a hammer handle, lotion bottles, and flashlights. Any item you use as a dildo needs to be smooth and free of any sharp edges or rough textures that could do internal damage. If an item you want to use does have rough edges, you can use a nail file to sand them down or wrap the item in some padding.

Here are some 9f Dr. Doe’s favorite homemade combinations:

#1 Marker-washcloth-duct tape-cotton balls-band aid

Fold the wash cloth in half and wrap it around the marker. Secure the cloth with duct tape. Put a few cotton balls at the end and secure them with a band-aid. Slip a condom over the whole thing when you are ready to use it.

#2 Wooden spoon-new sponges-rubber bands-cotton balls

Fold the sponges around the handle of the spoon. Secure the sponges with rubber bands. Again, add cotton balls at the end and slide a condom over the top to keep everything in place. This dildo also doubles as a paddle!

#3 Lemon juicer-sock-headband

Wrap the sock around the lemon juicer and secure it with the headband. Slide a condom over top of it. the headband provides a ribbed texture.

#4 Large bubble wand, toilet paper, masking tape

Wrap the toilet paper around the bubble wand and secure with masking tape. As always, slip a condom over top.

#5 Hair brush, oven mitt, ribbon

Slide the hairbrush inside the thumb of the oven mitt. Using good, sharp scissors, cut along the shape of the hairbrush and get rid of the rest of the mitt. Wrap brush/mitt combination in the ribbon and slide a condom over top.

#6 Toothbrush holder, glow stick, bubble wrap

Crack and shake the glow sticks to activate them. Put them inside the toothbrush holder. Wrap the bubble wrap around the toothbrush holder with the bubbles facing outward for a unique texture. Secure it all with packing tape. Slide the condom over top and turn out the lights!

You can also use food as a dildo as long as you follow these basic rules:

#1 Nothing that can break off and get stuck inside your body.

#2 Must be pesticide and preservative free

#3 Nothing that leaks fluid

Food items that are okay:

Carrots, cucumbers, squashes, eggplants, corn on the cob

Food items that are NOT okay:

Popsicles, pickles, corn dogs, fruits, or hot peppers.

*If using any of these homemade dildos or food items for anal-play they must have a strap attached or a flared base. Otherwise, they might get stuck in your rectum warranting a visit to the ER.

Why Do People Use Penis Sleeves?

Penis sleeves and penis extenders are sex toys that are applied over the penis and are used during penetrative sex.

Here are 5 reasons why people use them and LOVE them.

#1 They add new textures which create new sensations for your partner. The bumps and ridges increase the surface area of the penis, therefore, increasing the area being stimulated inside your partner. This can help with G-spot orgasms, A-spot orgasms, and urethral orgasms.

#2 They help with premature ejaculation. If you find yourself frequently orgasming before you partner, a penis sleeve can help. They are thicker than condoms and will decrease sensitivity.

#3 They increase the size of your penis. Penis extenders have a tube that fits over the penis and a firm rubber tip at the end that adds length. Size isn’t everything, but if you and your partner want to experiment with different sizes, this is the surgery and pill-free route.

#4 They help with erectile dysfunction. If you struggle with erectile difficulties, penis sleeves can allow you to continue enjoying your sex life. They fit snugly over the penis so you won’t have to worry about it falling off if you are flaccid. They also have a loop at the base that fits comfortably around the testicles and firmly anchors it.

#5 They can spice up your favorite sex toy. If you have a dildo, vibrator or butt plug you use regularly during sex or solo, a penis sleeve can be applied over top. This adds new textures, sensations, and excitement!

Watch the full video here:

How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 3

You can find How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Sunny Megatron is back with Part 3 of her series on how to use nipple clamps. She has previously explained the safety and sensation precautions as well as specifics on how, where and when to use them. In this video, she reveals some surprise body parts nipple clamps can be used on.

Nipple clamps can be used on the labia! Sounds odd, but Sunny says it produces amazing sensations. Women have an external clitoris, that glorious little button of pleasure. That button is just the tip of the iceberg. The clitoris extends what are called clitoral legs down either side of the vaginal opening, directly under the labia and vulva. This sexual organ is relatively unknown and when stimulated can unlock amazingly powerful orgasms. Applying the nipple clamps on either side of the labia, inner or outer, and tugging gently can provide this stimulation.

Men can also use clamps for nipple stimulation. They can also be applied to the scrotal sac (avoiding the testicles) and lightly tugged. A lot of men and women have disclosed that their orgasms are intensified when their nipples are being stimulated. They orgasm harder and more often due to nipple play.

Nipple clamps are essential to anyone’s naughty toy-box. Sunny recommends getting 2 pairs. As a couple to use at the same time or as a single person to use on the nipples and genitals at the same time.

How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 2

You can find How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 1 here.

Sunny is back with part 2 of her 3 part series on how to use nipple clamps. This video will give you specific information on how to use nipple clamps both during play with a partner or with yourself.

Safety and Sensation Precautions:

Are nipple clamps safe? Are they going to ruin your nipples? Don’t they cut the circulation off? The answers are yes they are safe, and no they won’t ruin you as long as you play safe. Use the clamps for no longer than 10-minute increments to start out. This is beneficial is finding out what sensitivity level either you or your partner are at. During this time you can adjust them to your comfort level. All nipples are different. Each nipple on the same person can enjoy completely different sensations. Sensitivity can also depend on where a woman is on her cycle, the temperature in the room and how “in the mood” someone is. You need to find this information out before starting to use them regularly.

Specific Ways to Use Nipple Clamps By Yourself or With a Partner:

  • Put the nclamps on during partner play and stimulate the end of the nipple using the tongue, an ice cube or a feather.
  • Bouncing on top of your partner – gravity will pull at the clamps and produce amazing sensations.
  • On hands and knees in doggy-style position will produce the same sensations.
  • The clamps are connected by a chain. Partners can gently tug on this chain.
  • If going solo, put the chain in your mouth and gently tug.

In Part 3 of this series, Sunny goes over other surprising body parts you can stimulate with nipple clamps and why nipple clamps aren’t just for women anymore!

How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 1

In this series of videos, Sunny Megatron, a expert sexpert from California Exotic Novelties will explain nipple clamps: How to apply them, what body parts they can be used for, safety precautions, how to use them when you are along or with a partner.

Nipple clamps are not just for BDSM or kinky painful sex. They can be, if that is what you’re into. But they can also be used in aid of sensual eroticism. Sunny recommends the First Time Fetish Nipple Teaser nipple clamps. They are classic bullnose style clamps with soft, plastic-covered ends. They open and close just like tweezers. They are completely adjustable to suit your comfort level. Loosening the screw at the base prevents the clamps from closing all the way which means they won’t squeeze as hard.

Sunny recommends trying them on and then adjusting them while they are on your body. To apply the nipple clamps, the nipple must first be erect. Then, gently pinch the areola to isolate the nipple. Close the clamp towards the back of the nipple. If you clamp the nipple too far to the edge it can get really painful. If you have an inverted nipple or nipple piercing, pinch even more of the areola and close the clamp as far back as possible. The further back the clamp goes, the less painful it will be.

In How To Use Nipple Clamps: Part 2, Sunny goes over nipple clamp safety precautions, specific actions you can do with nipple clamps and how to use them both when alone and with a partner.

How to Find Your Prostate & Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a small gland between the bladder and the rectum. It is most easily accessed through the anus. So what’s the big deal? Why would you want to access it in the first place? The prostate is the male equivalent to the female G-spot. It is absolutely packed with nerve endings. Stimulation of the P-spot can cause incredible orgasms.
Prostate stimulation can cause an orgasm without ever touching the penis. Regular stimulation helps to perfect the “dry orgasm”. A dry orgasm is an orgasm without ejaculation and is the key to male multiple orgasms. Regular stimulation can also help to prevent prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.
To begin the search for the P-spot use a well lubricated finger and massage the area around the anus and perineum. It is important to use lube because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Relax the sphincter muscles to make it easier and more comfortable.
The prostate is located 1-2 inches inside the anus and upwards towards the stomach. It will feel like a rounded, raised area with a firmer texture than the surrounding area. Gently massage the area and figure out what movements are the most pleasurable. Once you are comfortable finding the P-spot you can start experimenting with massagers.
P-spot massagers are specifically shaped butt-plugs that are curved to directly touch the prostate. They are narrower at the insertion point and widen out towards the base. It’s important that prostate massagers have a base so that they do not get lost inside. The base will keep it in place during intercourse. The base can sometimes be textured for external stimulation.
As a beginner you might think a thinner toy would be more comfortable. However, a broader toy will provide more stimulation. P-spot massagers come in many different materials such as glass, steel, silicone and skin safe rubber. Some vibrate for extra stimulation. Some come with a beaded insertion point. Some come with a detachable cock ring.
Sammi recommends something like the booty buddy which is made of silicone. It is very soft and flexible for easy insertion and comfort.

Sex Toy Jewelry

For centuries, humans have been wearing jewelry. Jewelry is worn to show off wealth, beauty and sometimes even for protection. The adult industry and accessory industry have collided to create sex toy jewelry. Sex toy jewelry is the new sexy trend. 
The Amelia Whip Choker is named after Amelia Earhart. She was a risk taker and into the idea of open marriage. It is a thin black choker, which was once a symbol of sex-workers in the 1800’s. In the early 1900’s the same style of choker was a symbol of lesbianism. Today a leather or chain choker is a symbol of a submissive sex partner. When you unclasp this choker it becomes a whip for gentle BDSM.
The Amelia Lube Vial Necklace is a stylish stainless steel vial that holds any kind of lube. Dr. Doe reminds us that oil based lubricants and condoms do not mix. The Amelia Double Bangle Handcuffs are a stylish bangle bracelet when worn on one wrist. Transfer one bangle to the other wrist and they become quick handcuffs.
The Twiggy Massage Ring is named after Twiggy, a model and sexual icon in the 1960’s. Unlike most female stars of the era, Twiggy wore her hair short and dressed gender neutrally. The balls attached to the ring can be used to gently massage any area on your partner. The Twiggy Nipple Clamp Earrings are stylish earrings that double as naughty nipple clamps. Jewelry like this allows you to carry sex toys wherever you go!

Realistic Dildos – Why You Need To Add One To Your Toy Collection

Realistic dildos – crazy good or creepy? Some hold them in high-esteem, while other’s find severed-looking penises off putting. There are advantages, however, to using a realistic dildo.

Realistic dildos are very detailed – veins, ridges, pronounced head. These will provide more internal stimulation than a smooth toy. For those that live for the feeling of internal stimulation that penetrative sex provides, these dildos are the perfect substitute. They are just flexible enough to be comfortable and rigid enough to easily insert.

Realistic dildos are based on the real thing, so there are many different lengths and girths available. This allows you to experiment with different sizes than what you are used to. Some of them come with testicles attached. These are for providing external stimulation on the perineum or clitoris while the shaft is in inserted. The balls also work as a handle to hold onto during insertion. If that’s not for you, there are realistic dildos that come with just a shaft.

Most realistic dildos have a suction cup attached at the bottom. This suction cup easily attaches to any flat surface and is intended to provide hands-free dildo usage. These toys are also compatible with most strap-on harnesses.

If a flesh-colored realistic dildo isn’t visually pleasing for you, they are available in a rainbow of colors. This provides a visual aesthetic while also maintaining all the pleasure benefits of a realistic dildo.

Sammi Cole highly recommends you add at least one realistic dildo to your toy collection.

Watch the full video here: