6 Secrets for an Epic Breast Orgasm

In ancient China, breasts were called “bells of love” and touching these bells could open the heart of a woman to you forever. Breasts were a sacred extension of the heart. In 2011, a scientific study found that a woman’s breasts and nipples are directly connected to her vagina through the nervous system and hormone production. This means that the same part of the brain activated by vaginal stimulation is also activated by breast stimulation and can, therefore, lead to a breast orgasm.

To most women, their breasts are the epitome of their femininity. Show them all your love. They are energy centers and the more you express your love for them the more receptive they will become to your touch. Be open and honest and communicative. Clear communication is extremely important. The more you communicate, the more trust you build. The more your partner trusts you, the more she will be able to relax. The more relaxed she is, the more likely she will be to have an orgasm.

Know how to kiss her! If you want to properly stimulate her breasts, learn how to kiss passionately. The tongue has thousands of sensory nerve endings that are connected to everything – yes even the breasts! A deep, passionate kiss will cause her nipples to erect and stimulate hormone production to the breasts and vagina.

Tease your partner and build tension. Explore the breasts. Touch the sides and undersides. Take your time, go slowly. Explore her body and make your way back to the breasts. Gently brush the nipples and continue exploring.

Lightly squeeze the nipples. Lightly rotate the tip of your tongue in circles around the nipple. Pucker the lips around the nipple and suck gently. Add chilling and warming sensations by inhaling and exhaling long breaths over the nipples. Play with sensation by alternating between the smooth underside of the tongue and the rougher top side of the tongue. In a deep soothing voice, tell your partner to breathe deeply. Intentional breathing will relax her further and allow her to more easily let go. Most importantly – when she is very aroused and on the verge of orgasm, do not make any changed to what you’re doing.

Accept the mystery of the breast. All women are mysterious and beautiful creatures. Because they are all different from one another, breast play for each individual woman will be different. Breast sensitivity changes with a woman’s cycle, so it can change from day to day. Don’t get frustrated if things that worked once don’t work always. Don’t focus on creating the orgasm, focus on the experience and it will be magical for the both of you.

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