How To Rub A Woman’s G-Spot


How To Rub A Woman’s G-Spot

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One of the most intense orgasms a woman can experience is the vaginal orgasm. It’s brought on through stimulation of the G spot. This area is highly sensitive for most women and orgasms can last a fairly long time. It is also the most likely place she’ll be able to have multiple orgasms. Being able to artfully navigate the G spot is only difficult in the beginning stages as you search her body to find it but once you do stimulating the area is fairly simple and can be done in a variety of ways.

You’ll first want to use your fingers to locate the G spot. Make sure before you begin you’ve taken the time to allow her vagina to self lubricate through foreplay. If she isn’t sufficiently wet use lube, a natural oil like Olive oil, or your saliva. When she’s ready for penetration use one finger initially to slowly press inside of her vaginal canal. If she’s lying on her back, your palm should be facing up so that your finger can explore the upper vaginal wall. Slide your finger back and forth and in a circular motion until you find the patch of the wall that is unlike the rest of the vaginal canal. It should feel like there are ridges there and it should be a more pronounced patch of skin. Now focus your attention here. If she’s comfortable, you may want to insert another finger. Slowly begin to increase the pressure and continue to move your finger up and down and in circular motions over the area of the G spot.

If you’re still having trouble finding her G spot with your fingers, try using a toy specifically designed to find the area. Again, you’ll want to make sure the toy is lubricated and that she feels comfortable with its use. You’ll still want to use the same circular motions and slowly increase the pressure as you stimulate her.

Once you’ve got the hang of where her G spot is located it’ll be easier to use you penis to massage the area. Mix it up and use a combination of these methods. She may already know how to navigate you to her G spot so don’t feel shy about encouraging her to show you. If she’s not sure exploring her body is most of the fun. Be patient with the process.

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