Does a Vaginal Orgasm Exist?


Does A Vaginal Orgasm Exist?

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If there’s anything to know about how to bring a woman to orgasm, it’s that you must stimulate her clitoris. Many people are familiar with where to find it and if they aren’t it’s likely the lady will be willing to help them. There is another way to bring a woman to climax. It is often overlooked, dispelled, and can occasionally be illusive. This is the vaginal orgasm. You may know it as the G spot orgasm.

The G spot is not commonly talked about because, unfortunately, many men and women do not know how to locate it. The size, shape, and location inside the vagina is completely unique to each woman. If a woman is familiar with her body intimately, she may be able to help guide her partner to its location. This isn’t always the case with every woman as they may not be comfortable taking that step to get to know the inner workings of their sex and stimulate their own arousal. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing if she is willing to allow you to do the exploring for her.

The best way to locate the G spot is to use your fingers. You’ll want to be able to sense the slight change in the spot once your partner becomes aroused. Begin by slowly and gently massaging her pussy. Take your time in doing this because you’ll want to make sure she’s completely aroused and wet. You also want to make sure you’re both enjoying the process. If she’s not getting wet naturally but she’s still enjoying the stimulation, grab some lube. This is certainly no area to mess with dry so if there’s nothing else use your saliva.

Once she’s comfortable insert one, or more depending on her preference, fingers inside her. You’ll want your hand to be palm up as the G spot is located in the vaginal wall underneath her pelvis. You’ll want to search for a spot of the vaginal wall where the texture feels corrugated and enlarged. For some women, the G spot is close to the vaginal opening, while others may find that it is farther back. In other women the G spot may be relatively small, while others have a spot that is fairly large. Some women are highly sensitive to being touched there and some women are almost completely numb. However, all women have a G spot. So be patient as you are exploring.

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