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The G Spot can be the ultimate mechanism to deliver pleasure to your partner. The G Spot is a hypersensitive area inside of the vagina that is typically found about two inches inside of the vagina on the upper wall. The G Spot will swell when you partner is aroused and repeat stimulation of the area can enhance your partner’s sexual experience and lead to multiple orgasms.

However, the G Spot is a bit of a mystery and finding your partner’s G Spot can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to find her G Spot, so that you can make sure that you take full advantage of this erogenous zone.

The best way to find the G Spot is with your fingers. Start by washing your hands and trimming your nails. The vagina is a really sensitive area and while you look for your partner’s G Spot, you want to make sure that you are also making her feel fantastic.

Since the G Spot swells when your partner is aroused, you want to start with a little foreplay. Kiss, caress, and lick the areas of your partner’s body that are most stimulating to her. Then when she is ready, slowly insert your finger into her vagina and stroke the upper wall with the tip of your finger. You will be feeling for a ridged area that is about the size of a bean. You can also press and rub gently on the top of her stomach and pubic area.

Once you’ve found her G Spot, then it’s up to you and your partner to decide on how to proceed to continue stimulating the area.

Finding your partner’s G Spot can ensure that you both have a more pleasurable time together, so take your time to look for this important area and remember to always get feedback from your partner so you can both really enjoy yourselves.

G Spot stimulation can also lead to a squirting orgasm otherwise known as female ejaculation. Check out my blog post on the truth about squirting orgasms.

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