Positions You Should Try This Halloween

Halloween is in the air, so let’s stick to the theme for today’s post. Are you willing to try some new positions this Halloween? Why the hell not. Go a little wild with your loved one. Set the scene. Decorate your house or your bedroom. Light some incense or scented candles. Dress up in costumes and have fun with your imagination! Once you have digested a good meal and are ready for the naughty, check out this list:

Man’s-best-friend aka Doggy Style

This is when a woman is on all fours, and the man penetrates her from behind. It allows the man to really control the angle and the speed, while the view of her naked back and the rear end is sure to create added stimulation.


In this one, the man lies on his back and bends one of his legs. The woman straddles his raised leg and lowers herself on his cock. She can then use his leg as a support as she rocks up and down.


The man lies on his back on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. The woman straddles him, facing away from him, then leans forward and rests her hands on his knees or thighs. Imagine it as a cross between doggy-style and the woman-on-top position.


Oooh, now this one is fun, done in the laundry room. She can either lean over the washing machine and he enters her from behind, or both get perched atop it. The thing about this position is that when the spin cycle is on, it creates vibrations that both of you can enjoy.


This is one of the easiest sex positions since both of you are lying on your sides with no one’s weight on them. The man is lying behind the woman as he enters her from behind. And, hey, this position is not limited to two people. He too might be getting some rear end stimulation while he is pleasuring his woman, so… keep your mind open, my friends.

Stand and Deliver

In this one, the man is standing while the woman is pressed against the wall or something similar for leverage. If he is holding her up, he needs to make sure his stamina is up to par. If he can pull this one off, boy, oh boy, she’ll surely be wet at the mental image of it the next day.

Crouching-Dragon aka Standing Tiger

The woman is on all fours on the bed, while the man stands behind her on the floor. It’s very similar to the doggy style, but in this one the man is standing, giving him more control as he thrusts away.

For these and more, check out the video below.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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