Best Sex Position For Pregnant Women

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When a woman becomes pregnant, often times her libido increases as a result of the hormones. However, with your belly, some of your go-to positions like missionary are going to be off the table. Fortunately, there are plenty of other positions that pregnant women can enjoy.

The first position is with the woman on top. When you are on top there is no pressure against your belly and you can control the speed and depth of penetration so that you and your baby are comfortable. You can also switch it up and do a reverse cowgirl as well.

The second position that is great for pregnant women is spooning. Like being on top, lying side by side helps you better control the penetration. Also, in this position the penetration is more shallow, so you don’t have to fear having too much pressure against the baby.

A fun position to try during pregnancy is scissoring. Scissoring also helps you control the depth of the penetration. Scissoring can be a little difficult to get going if you’ve never done it before, but it’s great for pregnant women it slows down penetration and does not put any pressure on your stomach.

If you still want to try something along the lines of missionary, you can lie on the edge of the bed, with your partner standing up during penetration. This way he can enter you without putting pressure on your belly.

Finally, if you are still worried about how penetration will impact the baby, you can always have oral sex. Oral sex for both you and your partner can be a great way to enjoy each other during pregnancy. Just make sure that your partner does not blow air into your vagina while they are going down on you.

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