How to Have Sex in the Summer

Today, Lovehoney’s Annabelle is here with several options on how to have sex in the summer time without becoming overheated.

If it is way too hot, temperature and libido wise, try sex positions that require minimum body contact. Annabelle recommends what she calls “the Noodle” which is a scissoring type position. This is an optimal position for summer sexy-time as body contact is limited exclusively to the genitals.

Looking for a cool sensation while you’re getting hot and heavy? Annabelle has some ideas. Buy yourself a cooling lubricant or refrigerate your own. These will provide a shiver during your hottest moments. Buy some disposable body wipes with a fresh scent and refrigerate them. Use them to clean up after sex for a brisk, refreshing chill. If you need a more constant cool, invest in a fan to circulate stagnant air.

If it’s just too hot to function but the mood strikes anyway, there are options. Incorporate sex toys and let them do the hard work for you or engage in mutual masturbation. You can still climax together and fully enjoy sex without overheating and getting uncomfortable.

Don’t let the summer heat prevent you from getting hot and heavy! Watch the full video here:

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