Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex Lubes

Laci Green gives the lowdown on everything you ever wanted to know and more about sex lubes. She goes over the three different types of lube, water, silicone, and oil based, and gives you some very sound advice on the pros and cons of each type of lube.

Laci also shares her personal experiences with the types of lube she’s used and even admits to having gotten yeast infections on and off for two years from a low quality lube that contained a nasty ingredient.

Speaking of low quality lubes, Laci admits that most sex lubes on the market are not very good and gives a list of ingredients that many lubes contain but you should avoid at all costs. I was surprised at how many lubes contain ingredients that could be harmful and lead to many health problems. It’s crazy that this day and age even our sex lubes contain harmful ingredients. I mean it’s bad enough that most of our food is horrible for us, but even now our sex lubes, sheesh, what’s next?

Probably the best part of the video is when Laci gives her recommendations on the best sex lubes that she’s used and this is awesome because she, as she admits herself, has very high standards when it comes to the various lubes she chooses to use in her sex life. I’m personally a big fan of Laci and I always have many great takeaways after watching one of her videos. I’m definitely going to try out a few new lubes and make sure I check the ingredient label the next time I’m in the market for some new lube, which by the looks of it is going to be very soon.

You can check out the full video below I know that you’ll get a lot out of it as I did, enjoy!

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