Anal Sex Part 2: How-to

Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part series on anal play. Yesterday we learned how to properly prepare yourself or your partner. Today we will continue with how to proceed with anal sex.

While deciding to try anal sex, schedule a backup plan. There is no reason to rush this experience, so take the pressure off each other and arrange another time to figure things out if the first time is a bust. Decide upon a safeword and choose an insertable item (penis, toy, finger). The item you should be using during your first time should be about the same size of your regular bowel movement. If you took the time to prepare for anal play as described in the first video, you can base the size of your insertable item off this preparation. The goal is to match the feeling of “out” to the feeling of “in” as closely as possible.

Now, wrap it up! Whatever you are using, you need protection. For a penis or a toy, condoms, and for hands, medical gloves or finger dams. This protection not only guards you against contracting diseases, but they smooth the edges of your insertable item. Your anus is a very sensitive organ. This smoothing prevents the anus from focusing on the edges and allows it to focus purely on pleasure.

Next, get into a comfortable position for insertion. For those of you with vaginas, ensure that your position allows for the lube to drift away from the vulva as contact can cause infection. Press the object, unlubed, lightly against the anus and wait for it to pucker. If you start out lubed, the anus will perceive this moisture as leakage and clamp shut. Once given the go ahead, lightly coat the item in high-quality anal lube and press it up against the anus again and wait for it to pucker a second time. Slowly insert the item a short ways inside the anal opening. Allow the anus to adjust to the feeling and then begin moving the item ensuring both partners are relaxed and enjoying themselves.

If you are using a toy, make sure it has a base wider than your anus or a cord you can hold on to so it doesn’t get lost or stuck.

Now, anal doesn’t always require such care and preparation. It is something that can happen spontaneously when you are in the moment. But if you are the type of person who needs some foresight before trying something new, this video is extremely detailed and educational.

Watch the full video here:

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