Shake Up Your Sex Life With Squirting


It’s natural to sometimes feel like your sex life has gotten a little predictable but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Small changes to the process can have a dramatic effect. Squirting may look complicated but it’s really just a small adjustment to what you already know how to do. As with any skill it may take some practice but that’s only part of what makes it great.


Talk It Out

You’re always communicating during sex whether that is physically or verbally. If you’re used to being quiet the squirting technique is going to help you come out of your shell a bit. Open communication is an essential part of making a woman squirt. For instance, you’ll need to know how much pressure she likes and be able to reassure her that you’re looking forward to making her orgasm in this way.


Locate The G-Spot

There is some debate about whether the G-spot really exists. It does but some women aren’t as sensitive as others in that area. This is why is essential to communicate with her about what she needs to orgasm. The G-spot can be located by having her lie on her back. You want to insert one well lubricated finger as deep as your second knuckle or about 2 inches. With your palm facing up scan the front of her vaginal wall using a “come here” motion with your finger. You’ll notice an area that is more inflamed than the rest of the skin. That is the G spot. Use your finger to pump back and forth while slowly increasing the pressure until she let’s you know how she likes it. At this point you can add another finger if she’s comfortable.


Keep At It

Once you know the location and the pressure needed to apply to the G-spot keep at it. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to orgasm this way but it will be the most intense form. It’s definitely worth it. If there’s any trouble stimulating the G-spot try introducing a toy and/or rub her clit to raise her arousal.


Introducing squirting is a great way to amp up your sex life. You’ll want to begin to explore new ways to make her squirt using different toys and positions. You can take it as far as you and your partner want to go. Just remember to make it about the journey.


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