Sex Positions That Bring Squirting Orgasms

Once you know where the G spot is, and just how to stimulate it to bring about squirting orgasms, you can start getting a little creative with your squirting experiences. Manual and toy stimulation aren’t the only ways to achieve a squirting orgasm, and a few sex positions can actually really knock it out of the pleasure park while creating a whole new sensation for the both of you. 3 sex positions that encourage squirting are:

  1. Girl on top – The way you’ll be positioned inside her while she is on top is perfect for G spot stimulation and female ejaculation. As she leans slightly back, you’ll be rubbing on her frontal vaginal wall, making constant contact that she can control in terms of speed, roughness, and depth. For rougher stimulation, she can lean back further, and better expose her G spot to you as she rocks back and forth or up and down.
  2. Lay down doggy style – Rather than being on hands and knees, have her lay down on her stomach with legs spread apart only enough to allow you to enter her from behind. In this position, the vaginal walls are held tightly together, making steady G spot friction a simple part of the sexual experience. This position may make her more comfortable as well, as she will feel less exposed and more intimately connected with you.
  3. Missionary – Don’t discount missionary when it comes to powerful squirt inducing sexual positions! By propping up her behind with a few pillows and having her lay with her feet flat on the bed and knees bent, she’ll be in the perfect position to make ideal G spot contact from the second you enter her. For a more intense sensation, she can pull her legs up higher and spread them wider to change how she is being stimulated.

When you play around a little with G spot stimulation and squirting, a whole new world opens up in terms of sexual experiences. Get comfortable with toys and fingers first, then you’re ready to move on to different sex positions that allow you to experience a squirting orgasm from the inside, while she gets to explore a whole new angle of intimacy and fun. While these are just a few of the sex positions perfect for encouraging squirting, you’ll soon find that you both have much to enjoy and explore!

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