Fantasy vs. Desire

What is the difference between a fantasy and a desire? Chris from Pleasure Mechanics has an answer: a fantasy lives in the domain of your imagination where anything and everything is possible, especially the improbable and impossible. Desires are what you actually want to experience more of in real life. Most of the time we don’t have trouble discerning the difference between real life and imagination. Humans are good at fantasizing, and fantasizing is good for humans. The act of fantasizing alone can cause full body pleasure stimulation.

Sometimes people can be troubled with moral issues due to their fantasies. They think that because they are dreaming about an intense sexual situation that they are perverted or sadistic. These kinds of fantasies are completely normal and have no bearing on who you are as a person. Once you begin to yearn for something in actuality it is no longer a fantasy.

Fantasies can sometimes make their way into the realm of desire, and that’s ok. There is still a difference between fantasy and real life. Your fantasy might include being kidnapped and tied up while in real life you are just desiring rougher sex. The capacity to identify your desires and distinguish them from your imagination is a powerful thing.

Identify your fantasies. Identify your desires. Understand the difference between the two and communicate them with your partner.

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