Stimulating For A Squirting Orgasm

Giving your woman a squirting orgasm will take a little stimulation finesse, but once you get down what she likes, you’ll find that squirting orgasms are pretty simple to achieve and really fun to explore. The real secret behind stimulating for a squirting orgasm is actually that there is no secret, and every woman will enjoy and require different stimulation in order to bring her to this type of intense and incredible climax. There are, however, ways that you can explore different sorts of stimulation and determine just what works for her.

The one thing that is universal for squirting orgasms is a need for relaxation, and a woman isn’t going to climax if she isn’t relaxed enough to do so. When it comes to squirting, women may be feeling a bit self-conscious and worried about the new sensation and making a mess,  so it can really work in your favor to ensure her that you’re prepared for the result and that there’s no pressure to perform; just enjoy each other and have a bit if fun. Once she gets comfortable with the experience and communicating what she likes, you’ll find that things get much easier pretty quickly.

First, when starting out in G spot stimulation for a squirting orgasm, go slowly and make sure your nails are freshly well-manicured. When the sensation is new and it’s mixed in with the feeling of nails, no woman is like to respond very positively! Start rubbing the G spot in a “come hither” motion slowly and lightly, and only add to the speed or pressure when her vocal or body language tells you it’s what she wants. G spot stimulation is a different sort of sensation when compared to clitoral stimulation or other sorts of stimulation she’s more used to, so it’s best to feel out what she likes before going all-in.

Some women may find that the more comfortable they grow with G spot stimulation, the more intense the enjoy it, while others stay light and slow, and even more like a bit of both depending on where they are on their quest to orgasm or what they’re in the mood for on any particular day. The best way to stimulate for a squirting orgasm is simply to listen, and take into account both her verbal and physical cues that tell you just how to get the job done.

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