How To Tell If A Woman Had An Orgasm

Three sure fire ways you can tell if she has an orgasm.

Three sure fire ways you can tell if she has an orgasm.

The female orgasm can be an elusive thing, and with many women admitting to faking orgasms during sex, it can be difficult to know whether she’s been left satisfied, or just became tired of trying. For women, many admit to having an orgasm only 25% of the time when it comes to sex, and this number can be raised exponentially when the right care is taken to ensuring she’s had the opportunity to climax. Women can have two different types of orgasms, with those achieved inside of the vagina and outside from clitoral stimulation, and these can even lead one into the other with multiple orgasms when arousal is at a high enough level.

If you want to know if she’s had an orgasm, there are quite a few physical clues you can look for caused by the involuntary reactions that come along with a female orgasm. Some of these clues include:

1. A flushing or swelling of the clitoris or labia – As a woman is approaching that “point of no return” right before climax, blood will be flowing to all parts of her vaginal region. This clue is typically the most easy to spot during oral sex, but it’s never a bad idea to look for a slight flushing or swelling in the clitoral or labia region to know you’re bringing her close to orgasm.

2. A tightening inside of the vagina – For G spot stimulation female orgasms, or “inner” female orgasms, a tightening of the vaginal canal is one involuntary clue that is nearly universal. As a woman begins her orgasm, the vagina will contract and relax, or simply contract and hold, and this is a great thing to look for when trying to notice the cues of her climax achievement.

3. Contraction of pelvic floor muscles – While this may not always be a cue that is felt, it can be one that is pretty easily seen. During a female orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles will typically contract and relax, and this can often be witnessed by the naked eye as a sort of fluttering of the lower stomach. This will regularly occur with clitoral and G spot orgasms, and it is something that you can look for during all different types of vaginal stimulation.

Now that it’s known what to look for, you’ll have to know how to get her there in order to see it. Every woman has a different body, and every different body will enjoy different things, so it’s important to keep communication open, honest, and comfortable during any sexual experience if you want her to show you just what a female orgasm is like. Trying different methods, incorporating toys, and paying close attention to getting enough foreplay in are all ways that a woman can be helped to achieve orgasm, and switching things up from time to time can even be a great sexually exciting experience as well. The female orgasm isn’t something that should be mysterious or elusive, and this is something that is achievable, with the right care and attention, for almost all women!

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