How Long Does It Take For A Woman To Orgasm?

The female orgasm can be a bit of a mystery because it is not as straightforward as the male orgasm. Orgasming during sex can be a bit tricky for a woman and you may be wondering how long does it take for a woman to orgasm.

The answer: It is different for every woman. There is no standard amount of time it takes a woman to orgasm, so there’s no reason to put a time limit on your pleasure. Instead, try focusing on what makes you orgasm.

Every woman is stimulated differently. Some women orgasm from penetration, while others can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. If it takes you a long time to orgasm, you should spend a little time learning more about yourself.

Start by learning what stimulation will most likely bring you to orgasm and focus on those areas. If you understand what brings you to orgasm, you can get there quicker. Also do not be afraid to ask your partner to spend time stimulating those areas, they are just as invested in you reaching orgasm.

Also, try new things because you never know what might stimulate you and bring you to orgasm more quickly.

The most important part though is not to put any pressure on yourself. If you are focused on orgasming in a certain time frame, you’re going to end up with a mental block that can reduce your pleasure. Instead, just relax and go with the pleasure.

Finally, if your partner is a man and you want to time your orgasm with theirs, make sure to have plenty of foreplay and don’t start penetration until you feel like you are already on the verge of orgasm. If you time it right with your partner, you will definitely not have to worry about how long it takes to reach orgasm.

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