Sex Toy Jewelry

For centuries, humans have been wearing jewelry. Jewelry is worn to show off wealth, beauty and sometimes even for protection. The adult industry and accessory industry have collided to create sex toy jewelry. Sex toy jewelry is the new sexy trend. 
The Amelia Whip Choker is named after Amelia Earhart. She was a risk taker and into the idea of open marriage. It is a thin black choker, which was once a symbol of sex-workers in the 1800’s. In the early 1900’s the same style of choker was a symbol of lesbianism. Today a leather or chain choker is a symbol of a submissive sex partner. When you unclasp this choker it becomes a whip for gentle BDSM.
The Amelia Lube Vial Necklace is a stylish stainless steel vial that holds any kind of lube. Dr. Doe reminds us that oil based lubricants and condoms do not mix. The Amelia Double Bangle Handcuffs are a stylish bangle bracelet when worn on one wrist. Transfer one bangle to the other wrist and they become quick handcuffs.
The Twiggy Massage Ring is named after Twiggy, a model and sexual icon in the 1960’s. Unlike most female stars of the era, Twiggy wore her hair short and dressed gender neutrally. The balls attached to the ring can be used to gently massage any area on your partner. The Twiggy Nipple Clamp Earrings are stylish earrings that double as naughty nipple clamps. Jewelry like this allows you to carry sex toys wherever you go!

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