What Is The G Spot?

The G spot can be a little bit of a mystery to most men, and in truth, some women, too. If you want to bring out a squirting orgasm, however, the G spot is something you should get acquainted with, and it’s actually not all that difficult to find. Basically, the G spot can be thought of as a prostate for a woman, and stimulating it will bring about the same reaction that prostate stimulation will bring to a man.

The G spot is a small area located about 2 to 3 inches inside of the vagina, right along the frontal vaginal wall. In order to find this region, the best way to go about it is to have your partner lay on her back with her legs spread far apart, and insert a finger or two inside of her with your palm up feeling with your fingertips pushing up towards her belly. The spot in question will feel slightly different than the rest of the inside of the vagina, and it may be ridged or grooved almost like the roof of your mouth. At about the size of a walnut, it may take a few passes to find it, but it will swell and grow firmer as she gets more and more aroused, making it significantly easier to locate.

Once it’s located, you’ll then be able to figure out how she likes to be stimulated to bring about a squirting orgasm. Stimulation of the G spot causes the Skene Gland, where female ejaculate is held, to fill up with this fluid, which will then release on orgasm letting out a rush of squirting fluid from the urethra. Unlike clitoral orgasms, G spot orgasms and squirting orgasms can often occur over and over again without much need for a break in between due to oversensitivity, so once you get the stimulation down you could be in for an exciting evening.

G spot stimulation is the secret to squirting orgasms, and since nearly all women have a G spot, nearly all women are capable of having these intense orgasms themselves. To teach your woman how to squirt, take some time to find the G spot and get yourself acquainted with how she likes it to be stimulated, and you’ll soon find that this sort of stimulation can be brought into all aspects and factions of your sexual lives.

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