Kink, Fetish, Paraphilia – What do they mean?

What’s the difference between a kink, a fetish, and a paraphilia?

A kink is something you are interested in. You try it out every once in a while and have fun with it. A kink is not something you desperately need. It’s not necessary in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.

A fetish is an extreme fondness for something – a certain situation, an object, a certain body part. The difference between a kink and a fetish is that a sexual fetish presents itself as a need. Whatever the fetish is directed toward is necessary for sexual satisfaction.

Paraphilia used to be the term used by experts to describe sexual disorders involving compulsive fondness for something atypical, like a victim. The term now used is paraphilic disorders. Paraphilia has been redefined to mean something closer to fetish.

So what defines a fetish as disordered? Typically fetishes involving self-harm or non-consenting victims are considered to be paraphilic disorders. They cause social distress and impair daily functioning.

Never diagnose yourself. If you think you might have a paraphilic disorder, seek professional help. There are psychiatrists who specialize in sexual disorders.

So if you are really into breasts, does that mean you have a breast fetish? As earlier defined, a fetish is necessary for sexual satisfaction. If you are attracted to breasts but don’t need them to achieve an orgasm, it is not a fetish. If you are extremely attracted to a certain size of breasts, a certain shape of breasts, or type of nipple, and require them for sexual gratification – that is when it has become a fetish.

Many people have fetishes that they have been successfully able to integrate into their lives. As long as your fetish doesn’t involve anything illegal, it’s ok! The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can find someone that loves and accepts you for it. It is important for everyone to enjoy healthy sex lives.

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