What is a Cuckolding Fetish?

Cuckold is a term that was once used to describe a man after his wife had been unfaithful. A cuckolding fetish is when a man becomes aroused while watching his wife have sex with another man. Men with this fetish are known as either cucks or hot-wifers. Cucks enjoy the shame associated with their spouse being pleasured by another man. Hot-wifers think that their spouse is hot and want to share their hotness with others, no humiliation involved. The other men in this situation are called Bulls. 
So why would someone enjoy seeing someone they love engage sexually with someone else? One biological theory says that some men are aroused by the thought of their sperm in competition with other men’s sperm. This fetish has been linked to people with higher IQ’s. This is because it takes an intelligent and emotionally developed man to disagree with the thought that he owns his wife. It also takes an intelligent person to push anger and jealousy away as the natural response to this situation.
These fetishes do not involve any betrayal or cheating. All parties are away of the situation. Cuckolding is not to be confused with open relationships, swinging, threesomes, or wife swapping. Cucks and Hot-wifers don’t usually have sex with other women. This fetish is considered interesting because it goes against our “nature”. Our nature tells us we should be jealous and possessive over our spouses. Much of that however is due to environmental factors and social constructs. Because this fetish goes against what most people naturally feel, it’s considered weird. 
Is this fetish healthy? That all depends on how it affects one’s daily life. How necessary is this for you to live your life? How does your partner feel about it? If it becomes compulsive and your partner is no longer comfortable with it, the fetish has become unhealthy.

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